4 Reasons Engines of Fury is Different From Other Crypto Games

Engines of Fury
5 min readDec 18, 2021

The crypto game market is on the rise.

The topic of blockchain is slowly seeping into the mainstream, and when you combine NFTs and gaming, the prospect of play-to-earn looks quite appealing, especially to gamers.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many smaller developers are trying to join in on the action and take their own slice of the crypto cake. About 70 new crypto games get released every month, all fighting for the attention of almost a million players.

How do we plan on making our game Engines of Fury (EoF) reach a wider audience in this saturated market?

By being different.

The gameplay is actually good

Have you ever played a crypto game? If yes, did you have fun?

Most, if not all games under the crypto gaming moniker are boring as hell. They completely defeat the purpose of even calling them play-to-earn when the play part is not that good.

A quality game starts with a robust gameplay loop. Gameplay should always be the main focus and if the core of the experience is strong, gamers will continue playing even without a financial incentive to do so.

That’s why we decided to make EoF an action-packed, high-stakes, arena auto battler with incredible amounts of content. You get to create a character, choose one of the three different champion classes, and then try your luck in our PvE and PvP modes.

The main gameplay hook is addictive as every gameplay mode has its purpose:

  • PVE Training ground is a free-to-play mode that allows you to learn the core mechanics of the game and try out different character builds in a stress-free environment.
  • PVE Boss Fight is your first real challenge and a way to earn rewards and make your champion stronger.
  • PVP Duel will have you fighting against other players to win their staked tokens.
  • PVP Tournament throws you into a playoff against a larger number of players. The winners win tokens along with valuable rewards.

Putting more time into the game ensures your success in battles. Experimenting with item/ability combinations and leveling up your character gives you an incentive to keep playing. Along with an RNG algorithm, we implemented that introduces randomness into the mix, the gameplay of EoF is something you’ll be coming back to, without it becoming boring or stale.

Trust us, this is a game we’d gladly play ourselves. We are all gaming aficionados and some of the members have been around since the days of the original Runescape.

We know what makes a game fun.

It shines in the visual department

Remember that stat about 70 crypto games being released monthly? Game design is an arduous process, which leads us to believe that these games are being developed a bit too quickly.

A short development cycle, unfortunately, leads to a lot of cut corners. Even though these games don’t offer much in the gameplay department, the aspect that usually gets hit the most is the visuals. This is apparent if you just look up a couple of screenshots and you’ll see just how horrible these crypto games look.

If we want to see a larger adoption of blockchain games, something needs to change.

We took great care in designing a visually appealing game that gives the traditional mainstream titles a run for their money. EoF features a stunning art style and gorgeous graphics and animations, topped off with a clean, intuitive UI/UX design.

It’s a crypto game that has a lore

Sure, you might think that lore in a play-to-earn game is a bit redundant. After all, older games didn’t have a semblance of narrative and they were still fun to play, right?

However, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of well-written lore. Story elements can help players immerse themselves in the game, and in the long run, it’s one of the reasons why a gamer might invest more time into the whole experience.

But most importantly, narrative supplies well-needed context that makes the gameplay even more valuable. Without context, a game is just a matter of button-mashing or clicking while looking at a screen.

To illustrate, our game tells a story of a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by an asteroid that left people scrambling for survival. The survivors discovered alien technology and used it to build advanced alien machinery. Desperation is the first thing that occurs in this type of scenario, so people quickly descended into chaos and started fighting among themselves.

To solve this problem, leaders of the city of Stoneport decided to stage battles in the arenas — something that gave everyone temporary peace and equal chances of winning.

This synopsis gives you a lot of context behind the actions in the game (if you wondered why EoF lets you enter battle tournaments) but it also leaves you with many mysteries you can uncover.

However, immersion is not the only reason why we insist on having lore in our game.

It has a clear vision and a grand scope

The auto battler is just the beginning as we’re only planting the seeds for the final form of our game.

EoF will eventually grow into a tried-and-true, open-world MMORPG.

Without beating around the bush, MMORPGs are complicated and it would take at least 3 years before the game could be successfully launched. That’s why we decided to release a simpler game first that will organically grow into something bigger over the next couple of years.

We don’t want to leave gamers waiting for too long. That’s why we’re committed to releasing a fun game instead of showing a bunch of flashy teaser trailers. This way we can accomplish three things:

  • The players can familiarize themselves with the in-game world.
  • We can drive the demand for our token by releasing the first version of the game in 2022.
  • We can build an actual community of devoted players.

The start of something special

The games being released right now are only a glorified platform for the NFT trading market. After all, if your games end up feeling like a chore, (not in a good way like Papers, Please, for example) something is wrong.

Sure, the crypto aspect is a part of our game as well, but there is also an actual game you’d enjoy playing even if there were no NFTs in it. Our main focus is on delivering a product that lets you have loads of fun, become skilled, and ultimately earn tokens and acquire NFTs.

We’re proud to be different and can’t wait to release the game that shows the crypto world just how awesome a play-to-earn game could be.

Engines of Fury

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