Alchemist art contest WINNERS

After our previous successful MEME and GIF contests, we really thought that you guys could not impress us anymore. & oh boy, were we wrong!

The Alchemist art contest is yet another reminder that we have the most creative community on the blockchain. Champs, it was a tough task to choose five winners as every single one of you did a tremendous job. So tough, in fact, that we decided to do an extra bonus prize & announce 6 winners instead!

The only slight problem is that you made Brawler and Gunslinger jealous, so we’ll have to fix that with similar art contests in the future. Also, judging from our game art team’s reactions, they might want to contact some of you for inspiration.

Jokes aside, we are sure that you all want to find out who are the six winners taking home 100 USDT each. So, without further ado, here are our notable mentions & amazing winners:

Winner #1 TW @leonardywu2

Winner #2 TW @ilyakartel96

Winner #3 TW @Rachmanhc91

Full making of video

Winner #4 TW @SHALUZDomin

Making of video

Winner #5 @DahyunYellow

Winner #6 @Rafael3dsX

Thanks a million to all participants & congrats to the winners!

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