Crypto Hacking Concerns — And How Engines of Fury Tackles The Problem Of Security

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4 min readFeb 28, 2022


You’ve probably heard about the recent phishing attack on OpenSea, that cost multiple investors about $1.7M in NFTs. However, this particular attack is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the question of blockchain security.

The fact is, as the popularity of crypto is growing, hacks such as this are becoming a lot more prevalent.

For example, even though the damage of the Wormhole bridge hack from early February 2022 was fixed and the funds were restored, the reality remains unchanged — more than $320M was stolen.

Combined with the fact that $14B of digital assets were stolen in 2021 (an increase of 79% from 2020) these two recent examples only highlight the importance of how secure stuff on the blockchain should be.

That’s why here at Engines of Fury, we made the security and safety of the community’s hard-earned assets our utmost priority.

Here’s everything you need to know about the security of crypto projects — and what we’re doing to amp it up to 11.

Can we trust you?

While it’s true that the chance of potential hacks is never zero, every crypto organization still needs to try their best to reduce the chances of their users’ assets being stolen by money-hungry crypto hackers.

This is why it’s vital to invest only in projects with higher credibility as those are the organizations that typically take the issue of security more seriously.

You always need to start your journey with a great deal of research and the first step should always be checking the credibility of the project.

Read the whitepaper, do a Google search to check out what the media is saying about it. Check out its community: if you see a lot of early adopters, that’s a green flag and a great indication that the project you’re looking at is legit.

You can also check out the investors and partners. If there is no support from any well-known crypto investment funds, then something might be wrong.

Last but not least, you can learn a lot by investigating the team.

For example, not only is our team filled with experts in their respective fields but we are fully transparent as you can check out all of our credentials easily.

Once you verify the project is legit, it’s time to get a bit more technical.

Security measures of Engines of Fury

From the very beginning, we were adamant about ensuring that our token stays safe. So, we sunk a lot of time into extensive research on which security measures we must implement before the game gets released.

Once we partnered up with Lossless, we knew we could confidently claim Engines of Fury is 100% safe from security breaches. How?

Through the use of hack-spotting bots built by a bunch of expert white hat hackers.

By integrating the Lossless Protocol, we can protect our users from hacks before they even occur. But even if an exploit does happen, Lossless API automatically detects and freezes the fraudulent transaction, which is then overviewed by the Lossless committee. If it turns out that there is any fraud involved, the stolen funds are reverted to the owner.

The best thing about Lossless is the fact it will only get more secure in the future. Due to their stake-based reward system, everyone in the Lossless community is working hard at developing new and efficient hack-spotting systems.

Testing it out

Even with Lossless Protocol in place, we wanted to test out how exactly our security measures will pan out in the real world. To confirm Engines of Fury is safe to use, we decided to conduct an audit of our smart contract to identify potential vulnerabilities.

By recruiting the help of Hacken, a global cybersecurity consulting firm, we went to town on detecting any vulnerabilities present in our smart contract.

The auditing process is very extensive and involves a series of tests aimed at finding problems and eliminating bugs.

For example, one of the steps includes the use of advanced automated tools that help the auditing team identify common stumbling blocks in the program. After it, the auditing team manually tests the code to see if everything is up to snuff.

If there are any hiccups, the developers get a chance to tackle the issue before it’s too late.

Once the audit was complete and we received our copy of the report, we found out the good news:

Engines of Fury received a perfect score of 10/10.

We could then relax and kick back knowing that our mission to make the most secure ecosystem for our users is finally complete. Giving our users peace of mind about their investments is priceless — the way it should be with all crypto projects.

Safety first

Engines of Fury is built with a player-first philosophy in mind. Nice graphics and addictive gameplay are fine but none of that matters if the members of our community are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

With a foolproof security protocol in place that was thoroughly tested by one of the best auditing firms around, we can confidently proclaim Engines of Fury is as safe as possible.

As a user and an investor, you should never settle for less than perfection when looking to invest in a project. Check everything, from who the members of the team are to any security measures they have in place.

Only then, you can know you are leaving your money in safe hands.

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