DEV LOG #10 What’s left before the MVP?

We’re not just furious, we are also fast and motivated to build Engines of Fury into the immersive and thrilling gaming experience that players deserve.

Engines of Fury
3 min readFeb 24, 2023


The past month has been exceptionally intense as the game development, art, and design teams worked together to finalize several high-scope and priority tasks. We’re happy to share our accomplished results with you.

💥 BIG BANG: The final Big Boss arena is finished, polished, and looking better than anything on WEB3.

The completed ambiance and interior details were the final touches to the grand arena where PVE players will face the ultimate Boss (and believe us, you’ll have to sweat to make it there…). This will be the last segment of the first season PVE dungeons and the lair of the Boss, so we aimed for a big, massive, intimidating, and suspenseful feel.

You’ll have to wait for the final result, but that’s where the Arena concept began.

WIP: Boss arena art concept

⚖️ Character balancing complete

Balancing items, characters, and enemies has been a top priority for our game development team, and we have finally achieved the level we were aiming for.
Fair yet challenging gameplay requires a delicate balance between player character abilities and obstacles.

🎮 Join our DC & ask the team all you want — we’re all there.

Game devs meet game designers 🥵

🖥 Finished application UX/UI

Finished the first version of the UX/UI player interface, inspired by the best examples of the gaming world & created to provide an equally smooth experience for beginners & experienced players.

Kudos to the Founders Arnas who is our UX/UI director & took this task on personally to achieve the best result possible.

Snip snap of the Victory screen.

So to answer your question — not much left to the finished MVP, so things are getting more interesting by each day & soon Engines of Fury will onboard the first player from outside our office to test & feedback.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is the first Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic 3D combat & exploration game. Powered by 1-token deflationary in-game economy where $FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

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Engines of Fury

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