Engines of Fury Anti-Cheat Strategy: Fairness Prevails

By definition, cheating in video games means exploiting the system to gain an unfair advantage against the game and its players.

If you have ever played a competitive multiplayer game, you must have also encountered cheaters. It’s never fun, but it happens. In fact, Irdeto’s survey shows that 59% percent of respondents were negatively impacted by cheaters at least once. What’s even more staggering, 78% of respondents are put off by games that cannot get rid of cheaters.

That’s why all games try to eradicate cheating by using different approaches depending on their infrastructure, architecture & goals. At Engines of Fury, we have a solid strategy to keep the game secure and fair for everyone.

Complex Anti-Cheat Strategy

Engines of Fury has a zero-tolerance policy against cheaters. We have dedicated a lot of time and resources to creating a complex system that will prevent players from cheating in any way or form. Here’s how we do that:

Problem: Players cheat by modifying game applications.

Solution: Dedicated servers. We will have separate dedicated servers that execute all the game logic alongside user applications. These servers cannot be accessed or tempered by players or any third-party programs. In the usual scenario, a user application will execute game logic in exactly the same way as a dedicated server. However, if players try to cheat and modify (compromise) their applications, outcomes will start to differ. In such cases, the outcome from dedicated servers will have a higher priority and will override decisions made by the compromised application.

Problem: Bots and other cheating tools.

Solution: Human player input validation. A special check will be made on our servers to determine whether a player is actually playing himself or using bots and other illegal third-party programs that provide an unfair advantage.

Problem: Hacking into the $FURY chain to steal assets.

Solution: Extra security for back-end, including Hacken audits and Lossless mitigation tool. As a crypto game, we not only have to deal with in-game cheaters, but we must also guarantee that there are no hacks or breaches on our chain. All the assets (NFTs, tokens) on the $FURY chain will be guarded by a complex system and various technical solutions on the back-end. We have already implemented a Lossless mitigation tool and scored 10/10 in the audit made by Hacken.

When building Engines of Fury infrastructure, we have thought through every single aspect that guarantees an impeccable gaming experience. That includes creating a secure and fair environment for every single player. The strongest champions will be determined by their skills and bravery in the arena!

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a battle arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes. It has a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where FURY is at the centre of the game with lots of utility & ever increasing demand.



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