Engines of Fury Q2 Wrap-Up: Unshakable Foundation, Community Hype & Game Development

Engines of Fury
3 min readJul 5, 2022


Champs, Q2 is over, and it’s time to recap it! It has been an intense quarter with so much happening in the markets, but we stayed strong and never stopped building.

We have reached many milestones in game development, expanded our partnership circle, strengthened our exceptional community, and built a solid foundation for future plans, including game launch & IGO/IDO events. Here’s our Q2 in a nutshell:

Infrastructure & Resources

The last couple of months were quite difficult for the crypto world. We all had a chance to witness what happens to projects that are unprepared for the bear market. Fortunately, that’s not us. Having years of experience in crypto, we deliberately organized our project for long-term success and made sure that we could work 100 percent in any market:

  • We are backed by the top crypto VCs, advisors & projects, which allows us to adapt quickly and continue building the game, knowing that we have solid support behind us;
  • We are prepared for any market conditions as we already have enough resources to sustain the project for years.

Development Update

Our experienced team works relentlessly to make Engines of Fury the standout web3 game, and the progress is clearly visible! Every single detail is taken into consideration when making important game development decisions to create an engaging, visually captivating, and secure environment. Here are the key achievements from the Q2:

Hyped Community

We have the most loyal, active, and dedicated community in the world. This is a FACT! However, we never take it for granted, so we are always giving back to the community and making sure that everyone feels welcomed. Here’s how we did that in Q2::

  • Launched a MASSIVE $5000 FURY Whitelist campaign with over 50,000 entries joining our Treasure Hunt;
  • Expanded our family of partners: DeRace, SnapFingers DAO & Maven have joined us with many more to come;
  • Started an exclusive Discord economy on our server. & with clans that our community members have created, Engines of Fury Discord seems to be the place where you want to be;
  • We already have 50+ ambassadors, who are a crucial part of our team. Ambassadors are helping a lot with developing our Discord channel, creating unique EoF-related content, and having fun along the way. Not an ambassador yet? Join here;
  • We’ve expanded our content creation to even more forms and channels. Twitch gaming streams, Summer Festival, office insights on TikTok, and much more.

At the moment, our main focus is to show our community the steady progress that we have been making over the last couple of months. We are also super proud of our team, so you’ll be seeing more of our team members on our social media in the upcoming future. And, of course, there are so many big announcements and updates waiting for you. What does it mean? Stay tuned, enjoy summer, and prepare for something huge!

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a duel arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes.

It has a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where $FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

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Engines of Fury

Delivering a free to play top-down extraction shooter set against the stark, chilling backdrop of a post-apocalyptic dystopia.