Engines of Fury revamp: updated game concept, website & whitepaper release.

Engines of Fury
2 min readNov 23, 2022


Revamp is live & we’re excited to share all the updates.

As you guys know, last year we grew in a number of ways. Our game development team now counts more than 40 industry professionals. The number of backers who believe in our work increased too, with more than 30 leading industry partners now on our list.

All of that growth provided opportunities to upgrade the Engines of Fury idea into something even greater than what we had initially envisioned.

We’re more adamant than ever to bridge the web2 & web3 gaming worlds by introducing quality gaming powered by web3 ownership possibilities.

Let’s begin with the introduction of the revised WHITEPAPER.

Polished game art concept

Our goal was always to create an immersive and convincing post-apocalyptic universe for our players. High-quality 3D artwork, smooth animations, and thorough design concepts are keys to this goal. Along the development process, we found multiple ways to improve our game art & are happy to present it through our social media channels, website & updated logo.

Check out the updated website 🪐
& come for a discussion on Telegram, whole team is there to answer all Qs.

Deeper game loop: full mobility & champion control

Engines of Fury is bringing full mobility & champion control mechanics to the gameplay.

Players will have full control over their champions, making it all about one’s skill more than ever before. With character movement comes an expansion of the Engines of Fury universe through larger arenas and the introduction of dungeons.

Stay alert, because there will be more enemies as well, including multiple end-game bosses and their latest addition — minions.

📺 For more details & deep dive into the updates tune in to Twitch stream with CEO Saulius & CTO Edvinas NOV 24 1PM UTC.

Basically, the update is — we got bigger, stronger, and faster.
More details are coming, so follow the feed & learn 1st

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Engines of Fury

Delivering a free to play top-down extraction shooter set against the stark, chilling backdrop of a post-apocalyptic dystopia.