Engines of Fury revamp updates covered by CEO & CTO

Last week we sat down with our community faves CEO Saulius & CTO Edvinas to go over the gameplay & concept updates in depth.

Engines of Fury
4 min readDec 3, 2022


📺 Here’s a video snippet & 5 TOP Community Qs answered by them.

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Q1: “How did this whole revamp thing happen & why did we do it?”

Saulius: It didn’t just happen. Our game concept evolved overtime as more and more pros joined our team, growth provided opportunities for game concept upgrade.

Updated gameplay & art that you can all see on our website, whitepaper & community channels — we’ve been working on that for a long time. It was only a matter of getting the right time to reveal these updates & we are really excited to have done it now.

We feel that the game is getting closer to its final concept & we are super proud that our game can actually use these amazing assets in-game in quality 3D animations.

On the other hand, we are nearing the first early BETA TESTING.
On our updated web, you can now access the early beta application link & soon we’ll start gathering first players.

Super happy we can finally start talking about updated gameplay & show uplifted art concepts.

Q2: “What were the first reactions & feedback on the updated game concept?”

I think the very first ones that saw these updates were people at the Web Summit conference where we hosted the Engines of Fury stand (right next to between Binance and Polygon).

The long ques of people waiting to talk to us, speak for themselves — we were showing something of rare quality & very different from other WEB 3.0 games.
We got a lot of great feedback & hype.

When it comes to our investors, partners & guilds — everyone is super stoked, and super excited.

The investors have hundreds of projects in their portfolios and they have to prioritize certain projects over others. If you show your quality, progress — you get them to do more and from there comes opportunities, and connections like top-notch launchers, publishers, massive guilds and that kind of stuff.

So in general it was super successful and it gave us even more motivation!

Q3; “And what does the revamp bring to the table? What can we expect in terms of the project from now on?”

Saulius: We have this early beta access button for a reason and this is the first thing people should start getting excited about. It’s going to start next year to have lotteries for the first beta testers.

All in all — now you guys are going to see stuff from the actual game & gameplay. Basically we told you what it’s all about and we are going to start showing it.

Edvinas: Maybe not straight away — we still want to keep some suspense!

Q4: “How have these updates changed the whole dynamic of game development? Did it make it even more interesting and challenging for the team?”

Oh yes, definitely, and that was kind of the main point.

Everyone here wanted to make a game where your experience and skills matter. We got together with the team and said that if we do a turn-based battler — there will be many limitations and there won’t be much you can actually do during the battle.

We came to the conclusion that we need to bring meaningful impact from the player to battle and we decided to add movement & player controls — from there came a snowball of different ideas and things we needed to add and do.

This was something the team was really passionate about. We have the pleasure to work with really talented guys and our initial idea was a bit too easy for them so we wanted a true challenge!

Q5: Now can you tell us a bit about what’s next for game development?”

Developers and game designers are working hard on balancing things at the moment, the game has a lot of complex points. The champs, abilities, and perks all combine into something that might really quickly get out of hand and become unbalanced and not fun.

We are working tirelessly to make sure this won’t happen. Everything should be balanced and feel different but fair. We want to give as many options to players as possible but to make them equal.

Meanwhile artists are focusing on the atmosphere and this is really important. It’s something we’ve been working on for the past few weeks. It really makes a difference in the game. You can see when the scene is truly ready and has all the post effects, animations, lightning, fog, and all that — it looks amazing.

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