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Engines of Fury
3 min readMar 18, 2022


If we’re to trust the numbers, NFTs are exploding in popularity. The adoption of NFTs is locked in an upwards trajectory, and in February alone, they generated around $10.6B in sales.


These numbers aren’t surprising when you consider how NFTs got catapulted into the mainstream — in no small part due to high-profile celebrities. Trends are all fine and dandy but as blockchain enthusiasts, we’re more concerned about the use of NFTs in the gaming industry.

Luckily, there’s good news on that front too. Once you combine the meteoric rise of NFTs with the growing popularity of the metaverse, the time is right for our blockchain game, Engines of Fury to start dominating the market.

The real-world value of NFTs

While NFTs get a lot of flack for not offering any real value, in the context of gaming (a purely digital media), unique digital assets that exist on a blockchain are something that makes perfect sense.

NFTs provide gamers with something they haven’t been able to experience with traditional games — true ownership over in-game assets.

In the play-and-earn ecosystem, all the stuff you acquire belongs to you.

The items in the form of NFTs can then be traded with other users, but they can also be sold outside the game itself and converted into other crypto assets or fiat.

In our game, the crypto aspect is perfectly synergized with the gameplay itself.

Buying and selling items in Engines of Fury is not the only option as NFTs can also be won as or forged using recipes and items received during gameplay. Additionally, you can also get a hold of our $FURY token by melting down NFTs you don’t need.

The same gameplay-first philosophy also extends to the type of NFTs too.

Champions serve a dual role: as your in-game characters and as NFTs that grow in value through gameplay. The same goes for the offense and defense items. They’re a great way to make your character more powerful, but they’re also digital assets you can trade.

We believe the gameplay loop and the NFT portion of Engines of Fury can attract and convert casual gamers, as well as play-and-earn enthusiasts that are already sinking their hours into games that are glorified grind fests.

However, Engines of Fury has other tricks up its sleeve:

The metaverse economy

According to a February report, there was a record number of Unique Active Wallets that interact with NFT dapps. A large chunk of these wallets is connected to gaming dapps and virtual worlds — around 49%.

Does this mean that Engines of Fury is in a prime position to capitalize on play-and-earn and the idea of a metaverse?

Yes, and it’s quite simple.

While Engines of Fury is a staked arena brawler now, it’s not the game’s final form. The final form of the game is a tried and true open-world MMORPG that checks all the boxes of a quality self-contained metaverse.

The best thing is:

Because the game will be transformed into an MMORPG gradually, we’ll already have a dedicated community and a healthy token economy by the time the first quest rolls out.

How cool is that?

Join the party

We keep hearing how the crypto bubble is gonna burst, but we don’t see it bursting any time soon — we only see it growing even more!


The writing is on the wall and major brands like Coca-Cola and Gucci are recognizing the value of NFTs. At the same time, business giants like Nike or Amazon are also setting their eyes on the concept of the metaverse.

There is a similar trend in the gaming industry too with Epic Games and Ubisoft being one of the first major publishers to recognize the value of crypto.

The future’s looking bright for NFTs and the metaverse — and Engines of Fury is right in the middle of it! Join the party and we hope to see you soon in the metaverse!

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