EoF 👻 13 days of Horror & 600 USDT prize pool

Halloween is coming, and with it, we have some exciting news. Whether you’re trick or treating, dressing up in costumes, or just like the general vibe, there’s something for everyone.

We love this part of the year as it matches Engines of Fury’s post-apocalyptic universe perfectly — dark and gruesome with plenty of scary creatures, aliens, and other horrific things.

In light of that, we’ll be celebrating Halloween by sharing some of our spookiest reveals. Starting today, Engines of Fury 13 days of horror officially begins! There’ll be prizes and giveaways for our community with a prize pool of 600 USDT 💸💸💸 across all activities. This is a celebration after all, and we’re awesome like that.

👽 Reveals will be the scary treats

Engines of Fury’s universe is brimmed with mysteries & dark secrets so Halloween is a perfect time for us to reveal some of our scariest stuff you have never seen before. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as during this time, it’s going to get very spooooky.

Stay tuned and don’t miss out — we promise it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

👹 Spooky events & games mood on

There’s one thing we’ll be doing differently from the usual Halloween stuff. No tricks (well… maybe a few fun ones), only treats.

We are hosting special events across our social channels. What kind of events? Glad you asked.

Events with treats worth 600 USDT & brand new merch, seek our channels to find the prizes:

  • DISCORD 🎲 Special ‘Trick or Treat’ game
  • TWITTER 🎃 Spooky Community Art Contest
  • TWITCH 👻 Theme Party with the team
  • INSTAGRAM 🎭 Costume competition (& you don’t have to worry about your mask with us).

More fun & groovy stuff!



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