🎡 EoF Community Summer Fest Is Coming to Town!

GM, champions!

Summer is the time of the year to relax and have fun, so we have decided to throw a huge festival for our wonderful community!

🎆 That’s right: this summer will be full of fun games, big celebrations, and HUGE prizes. This special event is exclusive to our loyal and strong community. We love to reward all the support that we receive, so brace yourselves: The Engines of Fury Summer Festival is coming to town!

Engines of Fury Community Summer Fest

There is no better way to strengthen our bonds with the community than through games and fun activities. Engines of Fury game development is right on track, so in the meantime, why don’t we all spend our time together at the grand EoF Summer Festival? What can you expect?

Up until mid-July, all our channels will transform into carnival attractions 🎡 & games, and you will have a chance to win all sorts of REWARDS 🎁 , from limited edition EoF SUMMER MERCH 👕 to USDT 💰 to… well, let’s keep some mystery, shall we? 🤔🎟️

One thing is for sure: we’ve heard your wishes, so this rollercoaster of prizes is only going up!

Not only will you enjoy small festival games throughout those 20 days, but you will also be able to participate in a grand event by collecting tickets along the way. A festive atmosphere, scary rooms, wheels of fortune, and crazy surprises await.

And of course, what’s good of a festival if we don’t end it on a high note? We don’t want to spill all the beans right away, but we have huge announcements that we are eager to share with you!

Consider this article your invitation to the EoF Summer Festival. So, put your festive mood on, practice your carnival games skills, and wait for further updates. The doors are about to open!

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