EoF LORE #1 Pre-asteroid Stoneport

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Stoneport was an old mining city created by a legendary miner, better known as the Father of Stoneport. This legendary miner had no name, nor did anyone know what he looked like, but according to the legend, he found the first precious minerals in the mountains nearby, worked for years without any sleep, and started a community, which later expanded into a thriving city. This was the start of Stoneport.

Right before the fateful asteroid’s crash, Stoneport was already one of the most established cities on the planet, and people moved there to trade, work, and even hide from their previous lives. There was something for everyone.

The strongest men and women gave their blood, sweat, and tears in mines, working under pressure and facing the most excruciating conditions. With so many different minerals, including gold, the city council set up various laboratories in the city, where the smartest people experimented with various recipes and formulas. Unfortunately, not everyone wanted to play by the rules. Even though the police force in Stoneport was pretty advanced and well-armed, there were still plenty of corrupted businesspeople, mafia, and street thugs who were after the precious minerals and wealth. Furthermore, all the thugs attracted the most-renowned bounty hunters to Stoneport, so there was always action for those who wanted to live dangerously.

For normal civilians, life was easy. There was never a shortage of food, goods, or any kind of supplies. Kids could go to schools, play around in the city’s safe neighborhoods, and continue aiming for their dreams. The infrastructure within Stoneport was also advanced compared to the rest of the planet, so mining carts were riding through serpentines to mines and back to Stoneport non-stop. Most people respected mining as it was the pivotal business that kept them strong and allowed them to trade with other cities and even states.

Even though Stoneport had roads leading to mountains, mines, other cities, or out-of-city factories, it was still located in the wild. Most days were sweltering, and there was no place to hide from the sun except in the soaring eagle’s shadow. Fortunately, there was a mountain river running next to Stoneport, providing the city with fresh water. People have built water tanks around the city to prepare for droughts, so accessing drinking water reserves was not a problem even during the dry season. The river was crucial not only for people but also for animals and plants. People in Stoneport believed that meeting a grizzly was a good sign for those who survived that meeting, but it was an extremely rare occasion as grizzlies loved their privacy and tried to stay in the small woodland north of Stoneport, which was barely a woodland, but it still had plenty of fauna and life in it.

The desert on the east side of Stoneport was wide and suffocating, so there was a saying in Stoneport “Sun rises in the east, where death awaits.” Over time, it became a common practice to banish criminals from Stoneport and make them meet their destiny in the desert. Most of those criminals accepted that destiny and died, but some survived against all odds and created a dangerous desert clan. Nobody alive has ever seen that clan with their own eyes, but the thought alone was enough to stop any sane person from ever stepping foot in the desert.

Stoneport was a thriving city that took pride in its mining business and old traditions that were passed through generations. Even though guns and corruption were rooted within the city, the local council still possessed the most power and managed to keep everything under control, while the mining infrastructure allowed Stoneport to rank among the most dominant cities on the planet.

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