EOF Weekly Recap: AMAs, Giveaways, Alchemy & GIFs

It’s the end of another exciting week! Time really flies when work becomes passion and ideas turn into the future. At least, that’s how we feel.

Before heading into a new week of exciting announcements and reveals, we would like to take a minute and recap what we’ve achieved this week. We hope you are keeping up with all announcements and updates. In case you missed any:

1. UniX Gaming live video AMA with Saulius Aleksa

Engines of Fury CEO Saulius Aleksa would rather skip sleeping than miss a chance to talk about EoF with crypto gamers and enthusiasts. This time, Saulius joined our partners UniX Gaming for a live video AMA, hosted by their CEO Mirko Basil Doelger. If you want to hear all the news and insights about Engines of Fury straight from our CEO, make sure to tune it!


UniX Gaming is the biggest and most recognizable guild in the crypto gaming world. With over 192k members, it is an irreplaceable partner in optimizing player-owned assets for maximum utility.

2. Finish the sentence GIVEAWAY 💥 with a whopping 2000 USDT prize pool!

When we say that we love our community, we mean it! After great success with our meme and GIF contests, we couldn’t resist the temptation to giveaway some more USDT. The rules are super simple — let us know what will make EoF the next big crypto game on blockchain and win one of 20 prizes.
⚡️Enter giveaway ⚡️ HERE

3. Alchemist 3D action party started 🧪

You already know that every EoF champion is a unique NFT that grows in value after PvE and PvP battles. But did you know that champions are visually impeccable and extremely stylish? Now you do!

This week we’ve spotlighted Alchemist. This champion class paves the path to victory by connecting science to magic, casting long-range attacks, precisely foreshadowing opponent’s movements & showing no mercy.

Walter White made science exciting — Alchemist makes it exciting without breaking the law (almost).

4. EoF GIF contest winners announced

All work & no play does not sound like EoF! We like our funs & games with the wonderful community of future champions! GIF contest and giveaway was one of the latest hahahas source!
Check out the winning entries💥 HERE

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a play-to-earn wager-based PVE/PVP arena battler set in a stunning 3D retro-futuristic world built on the blockchain Metaverse & powered by $FURY. The game allows players to engage in action-packed duels & tournaments where they can win $FURY, forge NFTs, and earn profits.

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