Furious Summer Wrapped-up

Engines of Fury
2 min readSep 8, 2023


Without a doubt, we got the best community in the web3 space. In gratitude for your unwavering support & loyalty, we curated a memorable summer just for you. All to gear you up for the exciting developments of Fall 2023 and to shed light on the hard work brewing behind the scenes.

Warm-up drop — the gameplay reveal

We kick-started with a bang — revealing the much-hyped demo gameplay. Suddenly, Engines of Fury wasn’t just a name; it was an action-packed experience. Our demo? Not your usual run-of-the-mill. It went viral, hitting 100K views on its first Twitter day.

Gameplay reveal video

VIP gaming party: Closed Demo Testing

Once we whetted your appetite, we handed over the joystick — our demo opened its gates. Only the community’s crème de la crème got the first dibs. The result? A staggering 900 dungeon runs. Take a bow, testers!

Hottest DC topic: Closed Demo Test

Web3’s rockstars — Juice team, Cagy, Crypto Stache, and others, joined our ranks, delving into dungeons and taming alien beasts. The verdict? Epic reviews poured in all summer.

Pre-alpha first look

Post-demo, we’re upping the ante with our pre-alpha. This is gameplay on steroids — richer mechanics, exquisite artwork, and smoother animations. Toss in multiplayer and expansive terrains, and you’ve got a winner. Your applause tells us we’re spot on. Stay tuned for more reveals!

The Summer’s Crown Jewel: Gen-0 Engine Key NFT Airdrop

We capped off summer with our first & limited-edition NFT drop, all dedicated to our community. The lucky 250 winners is & will remain the most privileged members of Engines of Fury. Winners list

Summer might be over, but we’re only starting. This fall expect more epic updates, reveals & campaigns. Unleash the fury!

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