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Engines of Fury
5 min readFeb 25, 2022

It’s time to get a little bit more personal with our inspiring founders and renowned executives! If you’ve been following us closely, you already know that our team is full of legends who bring priceless expertise in game development and commitment to stakeholders (that’s you!).

The question is: how did they become legends? Let’s figure this out together as we dive deeper into the lives of Engines of Fury creators and executives! Without further ado — THE team of EoF:

Founders of Stoneport

The most successful projects start from revolutionary ideas. Engines of Fury is not an exception — it was born out of pure love for gaming and belief in decentralization. Four lifelong friends and colleagues realized that the crypto gaming industry was booming without actually producing top-notch games. Instead of complaining, they decided to combine their massive expertise in both crypto and game development fields and create a blockchain game that would meet the highest standards of gamers worldwide.

The four ‘’captains’’ at the helm of EoF are none other than Saulius Aleksa, Petras Nargėla, Pijus Aleksandravičius, and Arnas Jonikas.

Saulius Aleksa, co-founder and CEO, is the main man when it comes to everything business and crypto-related. This entrepreneur and business development consultant has done it all in the past 10 years, from co-founding startups to coordinating international startup programs and accelerators. He is the man who knows how to make all the pieces run like clockwork.

However, something that’s most useful to the development of Engines of Fury (apart from his passion for gaming) is Saulius’ immense experience and enthusiasm for blockchain. He has helped many companies reach success, including:

  • Matic Network (Polygon)
  • NOIA (Syntropy)
  • Arweave
  • MarlinPro
  • Mintlayer
  • DeRace
  • & many others.

While Saulius takes care of the business aspect of EoF, Arnas, Petras & Pijus focus on game itself:

Pijus, Petras, Arnas

Petras Nargela is in charge of the game design. He is an expert in conceptualizing even the most complex ideas, so whenever you have questions about EoF’s universe, Petras is here to answer them all. We are yet to find out what happens in Petras’ mind, but it’s definitely as fascinating as EoF’s universe.

Pijus Aleksandravičius takes care of the game art. From a furious alien’s gaze to a deadly Gunslinger’s bullet, every single detail is a product of Pijus’ expertise and creativity. As a designer, Pijus knows what it takes to instill beauty and sophistication into any project, and that’s why Engines of Fury is nothing short of a visual masterpiece.

Arnas Jonikas is our UX/UI designer, so it is his job to make our players’ journey battling in EoF arenas seamless. Players come for intense fights and adrenaline-kicking experiences, so Arnas makes sure that they wouldn’t experience any annoying distractions. He brings ten years in UX/UI, and, most importantly — a deep understanding of what a perfect game is. Do you want to know the answer, as well? You’ll have to wait a bit until Engines of Fury launches.

Chiefs of EoF

Four people could build a house, but we need more strength to build a fortress. And it all starts at the top — our wonderful c-levels at Engines of Fury guarantee that every move we make is polished to perfection.

Edvidnas Madravickas is our CTO and the on-duty gaming wizard with over a decade of experience in game development under his belt. Besides leading many successful game development teams, Edvinas has also been an integral part of Unity Technologies, working on improving the world’s leading game engine platform.

We are sure that if nature let Edvinas lead the Earth development team, the world would be even brighter than it is today. He is precise, sharp, and always ahead of the curve, so we know that the Engines of Fury technical team is safe in his hands.

Laura Aleksė is the CMO at Engines of Fury, so only good words can be said about her as she’ll proofread this article & we all want to make her happy. But in all seriousness, Laura’s profound knowledge of both corporate & startup industries and her ability to attract audiences through masterfully crafted messages are huge assets to EoF.

During her long career, Laura has experienced what it’s like to lead marketing teams in top banks, Fintech startups, as well as 7-digit marketing agencies. She is quick to adapt and come up with the best marketing strategies, and most importantly — she is also a gamer who wants to bring crypto gaming to the masses.

Martynas Seliokas is our COO, so we must thank him for gluing all the processes together and making sure that operations run swiftly, smoothly, and efficiently. Even though Martynas loves to talk the talk, he is even more impressive when it’s time to walk the walk. Martynas has proven that he thrives in hyper-growth environments, previously working at Filippo Loreti (Kickstarter affordable watch company), BisonOffice (8-digit marketplace e-commerce with over 500k SKUs), and Ekomlita (9-digit leading e-commerce brands retailer).

Martynas has scaled multiple teams from scratch to 150+ people, so the only concern we have is the rising rental price of office space. Everything else is taken care of.

Teamwork makes the dream work

At Engines of Fury, we are not just robots who fulfill their mechanical tasks — we are dreamers and visionaries who explore the world & enjoy every passing second of it. All of it naturally flows straight into the EoF universe, where players will have a chance to build their own world without unnecessary grinding or other complications. And it’s all thanks to our relentless team!

Our main goal was always to bring different people who would flourish together. As wonderful as we are on our own, together — we are the best.

Only one member is missing to complete the team — you, the player.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a play-to-earn wager-based PVE/PVP arena battler set in a stunning 3D retro-futuristic world built on the blockchain Metaverse & powered by $FURY. The game allows players to engage in action-packed duels & tournaments where they can win $FURY, forge NFTs, and earn profits.

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