How Engines of Fury Will Redefine Crypto Gaming

What a time to be alive. Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, cryptocurrency is growing, and even crypto gaming is experiencing a massive spike.

Even though we’re happy to see this new gaming model becoming a lot more prevalent, the fact of the matter is — today’s market of play-to-earn games is in dire need of improvement.

Crypto gaming deserves a lot better, and we at Engines of Fury will play a part in redefining the entire concept:

What does Engines of Fury bring to the table?

At its core, crypto gaming is a wonderful idea. Who wouldn’t want to earn money in their downtime while also doing something fun?

The execution of this idea, however, is very different from how it sounds on paper.

To put it bluntly, crypto games are usually boring and repetitive, with gameplay loops consisting of mindless grinding. While we can usually give a pass to a game with fun gameplay mechanics even if it doesn’t offer much in the visual department (gameplay is king, after all), the current crypto games fail on both fronts.

As passionate gamers ourselves (and blockchain freaks) we believe gamers, old and new, deserve so much more.

That’s why we decided to develop Engines of Fury (EoF). We want to build a game that we would love to play but, unfortunately, can’t find in the crypto gaming world right now.

EoF is built from a gameplay-first mindset, and this auto battler will pit you against other players in multiple arenas. The main gameplay loop is simple and effective, akin to traditional games. You’ll take part in both PvP and PvE activities, fight other players, train your hero, fight bosses, and do quests to gain new abilities and win rewards.

These activities will allow you to level up your hero and organically learn the mechanics of the game, which will ultimately help you maximize your earning potential.

For example, completing quests will let you unlock new skills and items, and beating bosses will give you access to item recipes that you can use to craft better weapons and armor.

Playing the game this way will give you better odds at winning in one on one duels, which will, in turn, help you get more NFTs, tokens, or special rewards.

But that’s only a part of this game can offer.

Aside from rich lore and a storyline that will help you immerse yourself in the in-game world, EoF will also feature stunning 3D graphics and an intuitive, streamlined UI. This design philosophy and the direction we’re taking will make this action-packed auto battler (not even the final form of this game, but more on that later) a standalone game that will firmly stand on its two feet, even without the crypto aspect.

In conclusion, EoF will stand out from the crowd because it won’t follow the usual philosophy behind crypto games, which often feel as if they are made simply to support the game economy rather than the other way around.

The in-game economy

One of the major pitfalls of blockchain gaming is the problem of liquidity. You’re probably aware that NFTs are considered low liquidity assets because a large number of them end up having no value. In layman’s terms, NFTs are too damn hard to sell.

The way our game will hopefully solve this issue is by creating a system that ensures that the economy stays in the state of economic equilibrium — an organic demand/supply model.

Quite simply, players can sell their hard-earned NFTs in the in-game market. Here’s the kicker: if you don’t want to bother waiting for a buyer, you can just destroy the NFTs and exchange them for $FURY tokens.

When you combine a healthy economy with smart contracts, EoF will become an addictive game with a secure platform that will, without a doubt, be able to fulfill all of your NFT trading needs.

Power to the people

The gaming world, in general, is notorious for a lot of hype and empty promises which often lead the games to fall flat once they are released. With pay-to-earn games, this problem is even more prevalent. It’s very common to see a crypto game developer building the hype with bombastic teaser trailers, only to have the underwhelming final product delivered two years too late.

We decided to stand out from the crowd and deliver a fully-functioning game to the community as soon as possible. EoF is almost ready for deployment and a lot of work is already being completed as you’re reading this.

Why do we insist on launching the game this year, you ask?

Basically, we believe that the token can be in demand only when a game is complete. This is also a reason why EoF will start life as an auto battler first. Our biggest goal is to have a lively community that’s invested in the game’s world.

An auto battler is simply the first step in achieving that goal.

The ultimate vision of the game is a full-fledged open-world MMORPG with an immersive story that works like any other traditional game.

What’s even better, we hope the game will grow organically into its final form, and you, the player, will be fully involved in the future development and the direction that the game will ultimately take.

We truly believe in decentralization so it’s only fair to give the token holders and players who invest their time into the project a chance to influence how the game turns out. We want the community to have a say in things such as gameplay mechanics and all the other important details.

Bridging the two worlds

The way we see it, the play-to-win model is full of untapped potential, mostly because developers are approaching the games in a way that doesn’t lend itself to attracting mainstream consumers.

Gamers and the crypto community, in general, deserve to play an actual game instead of grinding endlessly while looking at low-quality 2D visuals.

Engines of Fury will set a positive example of how crypto game development should be approached. The concept we created, we believe, has the potential to bridge the gap between mainstream gamers and the crypto community, and at the same time receive mass attention in the gaming industry.

A win-win situation for everyone, if you ask us.



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