Investors Are Hyped: Engines of Fury WHITELIST Campaign Went Viral

50290 entries, 4303 participants. Recap of massively successful pre-IDO Engines of Fury campaign.

Engines of Fury
2 min readApr 21, 2022

Engines of Fury is one of the most anticipated projects of the year. It is a battle arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes. It has a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

After a massively oversubscribed private round, lots of attention from crypto investors and gamers, huge partnership announcements, and visually stunning video teasers, EoF gave fans a chance to win the first-ever $FURY allocation.

Engines of Fury Success Case

The 5000 $FURY Whitelist Treasure Hunt was a dedicated surprise for the Engines of Fury and crypto community, therefore for a while, it was hard to tell exactly what it would look like.

However, it was obvious that the team of 30+ professionals with a successful track record in gaming, IT, and blockchain had planned to take their fans on a journey. The Treasure Hunt lasted for 7 days, brought EoF followers to 7 different social media locations, and most importantly, attracted over 4300 participants!

Needless to say, it was the most exciting campaign in the crypto world last week, but there is more to that. As Engines of Fury is preparing for the IDO event on DAO Maker and GameFi, the Treasure Hunt became a great reminder for the community that crypto investors have their eyes on $FURY tokens. Over 4300 participants, 50270 entries & 32270 actions taken during the Treasure Hunt will only multiply when the IDO day comes.

20 winners will share their 5000 $FURY allocation — the rest will have to wait for their chance during the IDO event. With all the buzz in the crypto world, carefully crafted tokenomics, sustainable revenue streams & deflationary $FURY token with an irreplaceable in-game utility system, it’s pretty evident that people will have to act quickly when the time comes.

Meanwhile, Engines of Fury has many more surprises up its sleeves as the quest to disturb and reshape the current crypto gaming market continues.

Read a project research paper published on DAO Maker for more information about the upcoming SHO.

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Engines of Fury

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