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3 min readMar 23, 2022


Finding investors isn’t easy — finding investors with matching values and goals is nearly impossible. Fortunately, we don’t believe in the impossible at Engines of Fury, and it is time to prove that again.

We are proud to announce that Assembly Partners have decided to join our growing community and invest in EoF. Their massive experience in building web3 projects, working with the biggest crypto names, and further developing blockchain technology is priceless.

Guys, meet Assembly Partners and their revolutionary ideas that will eventually lead to the mass adoption of blockchain gaming.

Please introduce yourself.

Assembly Partners get deeply involved in Web3.0 infrastructure and innovations by investing in gem projects with great potential. Having incubated one of the largest Chinese Web3.0 communities, SnapFingersDAO with total traffic of 100,000+, Assembly empowers its portfolio projects multidimensionally.

Why did you invest in EoF?

Blockchain gaming and the metaverse sector is quite critical among our portfolios at Assembly. We believe that the blockchain gaming space is still waiting for an MMORPG to emerge and to overcome the blockchain infrastructure constraints. EoF has gathered leaders from the mainstream gaming industry and blockchain veterans to make that happen. We have seen great potential with the game aesthetics, the tokenomics design regarding the in-game Arena and a clear project roadmap with deliverables. As an angel-babysitter, we hope to work along with EoF to fulfill the grand vision of gradually growing into an open-world MMORPG over time.

What is your take on GameFi and its power in bringing mass adoption to blockchain?

GameFi is cultivating a new form of living where people can have true ownership of an in-game asset and with abundant utility and brand impact of the in-game asset. People can play, live and work around it, forming a new GameFi culture. Technological advancements such as VR and interoperable blockchain infrastructure will most likely boost GameFi, leading GameFi to a new level of immersive experience.

What should crypto games have in order to stand out from today’s crowded market?

Product quality and tokenomics design that is innovative yet sustainable are the keys. Currently, there are many crypto games that are able to build enough hype and attract enormous attention in the market. However, what they have produced do not match the expectation, and the market sentiment is drastically diminishing. For a crypto game to stand out, its product quality should be sound. Even though it is not a perfect product at its launching yet, the development team will be able to carry out the fast pace of the production upgrade. In addition, the tokenomics design for blockchain games is what differentiates one from another. Creating sustainable tokenomics matters much more than creating a one-time hit.

What is your most anticipated feature in Engines of Fury?

The most anticipated feature in EoF is the Arena and staked payer vs player fights.

What are your expectations from Engines of Fury for 2022?
We are very looking forward to playing the EoF game within 2022, and the SnapFingersDAO Guild will also take a major part in beta testing of the game and the Arena battles. The market is awaiting the birth of a playable large-scale blockchain game.

Which champion class will you choose, and how will you name it?

We think we are going with Alchemist because an alchemist is able to create miracles with ordinary stuff, converting them into potions that range widely to provide buffs for alliances. It is exactly what Assembly Partners envision achieving in the crypto world: we aim to integrate resources and connections from multiple dimensions to provide buffs for our portfolio projects.

The name will be Mallory, named after the human alchemy trainer from the glorious MMORPG, World of Warcraft. We hope that EoF will make history as WoW did.

About Assembly Partners

Assembly Partners is a Web3.0 incubator investing in blockchain projects with high value and potential. Having invested in projects like SnapFingersDAO, Assembly Partners has a proven record of providing all the necessary tools for early-stage web3.0 projects to thrive and further contribute to mass adoption.

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