Investors Highlight: Maven Capital

A sign of a true champion is their ability to gather strong partners and grow alongside them. Fortunately, Engines of Fury has renowned visionaries and partners from a wide variety of fields, including gaming and blockchain. However, the more the merrier. Oh yes, you’ve guessed it right — Maven Capital is joining our partners and investors’ family!

This partnership is all about further expanding our community and learning from the biggest success stories so far. With all the connections and knowledge, Maven Capital will definitely help us build a new metaverse where people enjoy thrilling gameplay and earn valuable rewards, from NFTs to $FURY tokens.

Without further ado, let’s meet our new partners and advisors:

Please introduce Maven Capital to our community.

Maven Capital empowers projects from seed to series across sectors, including GameFi, Metaverse, Infrastructure, and more. We specialize in GTM strategy, community development, and ecosystem growth. You can read more about us here.

Why did you decide to partner up with EoF?

We invested in EoF because of the team. The product is powerful, but at Maven, we invest first and foremost in people.

What is your take on GameFi and its power in bringing mass adoption to blockchain?

GameFI is extremely powerful because, when done correctly, it will bridge users from Web2 to Web3 while incorporating a circular economy.

What should crypto games have to stand out from today’s crowded market?

Most importantly, crypto games today need solid token utility. Operating on the blockchain should be synergistic all around, not just a nice to have.

What is your most anticipated feature in Engines Of Fury?

We are most excited about the Alpha game release and NFT functionality — melt for $FURY!

What are your expectations from Engines Of Fury for 2022?

Engines of Fury has been heads down building a masterpiece — we expect them to be a top performer quantitatively in DAC & qualitatively in user experience.

Which champion class will you choose?

Hands down, Alchemist!

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is the first PVE/PVP arena brawler #metaverse with staked fights in a jaw-dropping 3D world. Powered by $FURY

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Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury

Wager-based PVE/PVP arena battler in a stunning 3D retro-futuristic world. Powered by $FURY.