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One of the bigger challenges for blockchain-based games is making game finance fairer for the masses. Here at Engines of Fury, we’re fully aware of the challenge, which is why we’re particularly proud of our recent partnership with MetaGaming Guild. Through scholarships, this community-driven organization strives to provide people with access to games without upfront costs, or access to early-stage game tokens. It does a number of other cool things, too, but we don’t want to steal their limelight now.

Instead, we’ll let them tell you guys exactly what they do, why they decided to partner with Engines of Fury, and what they expect from the crypto gaming industry going forward.

Here we go!

Please make an introduction about your guild.

MetaGaming Guild (MGG) is one of the fastest-growing DAO-based gaming communities that’s on a mission to make game finance equitable for the masses.

MetaGaming Guild buys Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from gaming startups and rents them out to a community of players through a scholarship program. With this, MGG scholars can access games without upfront costs, access early stage game tokens like VCs, and deploy their NFTs to automated yield.

Why did you decide to partner with EoF?

As a success-driven gaming community, MetaGaming Guild is proactive in building strategic partnerships and alliances with the strongest and reputable names in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We see huge potential with Engines of Fury and we are certain that they are a great addition to our growing collection of NFT games in the GameFi Vault.

What is your take on GameFi and its power in bringing the mass adoption to blockchain?

MetaGaming Guild offers the first solution to provide automated yield on GameFi — we are innovating the operation of yield guilds. Rather than distributing just SLP and other play-to-earn assets, MGG gives the DAO the opportunity to vote on the purchase of early stage, unlisted GameFi tokens and NFTs.

What should crypto games have in order to stand out from today’s crowded market?

Crypto games that offer a highly immersive gaming experience will continue to attract sustained interest from global gamers. Moreover, a combination of these features can make crypto games a sure stand-out: exciting game plots, exciting storylines, visually appealing gameplay elements and player-centric tokenomics.

What is your most anticipated feature in Engines Of Fury?

The tactical gamers at MetaGaming Guild are excited to participate in the full-blown MMORPG world that Engines Of Fury is developing. At present, gamers can now actively play in their autobattler arena but its developers say it is just the beginning.

Engines of Fury is set to unlock bigger opportunities and leverage P2E gaming with its revolutionary gaming features which can allow its gamers to duel in PVE and PVP tournaments, win and earn NFTs, upgrade and host arena lands.

What are your expectations from Engines Of Fury for 2022?

We expect Engines of Fury to keep adding value to P2E gaming to ultimately benefit the wider gaming community. The gaming industry presents a beautiful opportunity for ordinary people to monetize their time and skills and earn passive income by playing games and Engines of Fury can take an active role now and in the years to come.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is an action-packed play-to-earn arena battler based on blockchain metaverse. The game allows players to engage in exciting PvP and PvE duels set in a gorgeous 3D rendered world where they can win tokens, forge NFTs, and earn profits.

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