Investors Highlight: PathDAO

Do you know what’s the first thing on our minds when we get up in the morning?

Well, coffee…

But right after we take the first sip, our minds wander to Engines of Fury and its growing community. Right now, one of our main goals as developers is to create the best possible environment in which everyone can thrive.

To do that, we need to have a lot of support — and we have it.

We are super psyched to introduce you to a partner who shares our philosophy to a T — the wonderful PathDAO!

This decentralized autonomous organization has the potential to become a game-changer in the play-and-earn ecosystem, which makes them a perfect addition to our Engines of Fury family.

Let’s see what PathDAO has in store for all of us.

Can you tell us a bit more about your organization?

The main goal of PathDAO is to introduce Web2 users to Web3 space through blockchain gaming. We believe tapping into the massive market of Web2 gamers can create value for newcomers to blockchain gaming, as well as blockchain veterans.

Now the big question: what made you partner up with Engines of Fury?

There are way too many low-effort money grabs in the world of play-and-earn games, and because of that, we’re constantly on the lookout for games that break the pattern, so to speak.

That’s something we recognized in EoF.

We believe that the game checks out on all fronts and has all the makings of a great game. It has interesting and addictive gameplay, amazing lore, and it also packs a punch in the visual department.

We kinda describe it as a perfect mix between Runescape and Mortal Kombat — two games that almost everyone at PathDAO has played extensively over the last couple of years. So you can see why we’re excited about this project.

What is your take on GameFi and its potential to bring about the mass adoption of blockchain technology?

At this moment, GameFi is still in its infancy. New projects are struggling to attract new players, games lack the critical ‘’fun’’ factor, and in-game economies are crumbling faster than you can say GameFi.

There’s still so much more that needs to happen before GameFI can attract the masses.

But, when the crypto game scene enters a period of maturity, PathDAO and other guilds will become the first point of contact for traditional gamers. It’s on us to hold their hand a bit in the beginning and introduce them to everything GameFi has to offer.

Let’s face it — it can get a bit overwhelming for new gamers to learn all the intricacies of play-and-earn alone. That’s why we’re here to help.

What do crypto games need to offer to stand out from today’s crowded market?

First, they need replayability. It needs to be fun and engaging, simple as that — not much different from what traditional games need to have to be successful.

Next, they need sustainable in-game economies. Web3 games need to work on the balance between the number of value creators and the number of value extractors. Games need to have sufficient amounts of sinks to incentivize the players to maintain a circular economy in which players are putting their earnings back into the game.

If a game has a misalignment in the balance we described above or has any issues with replayability, it’s a recipe for disaster. You’d see a constant outflow of value from the game.

Back to Engines Of Fury — what is your most anticipated feature?

In terms of the Arena Battler, we’re super pumped for the PvP Tournaments where players can battle it out using a host of different character combinations. There’s a lot to do, from choosing different champions to unlocking new abilities and item schematics. That’s an ample amount of in-game content gamers can work with from Day 1.

At the same time, we can’t wait to see EoF transform from an Arena Battler to a full open-world MMORPG experience. We firmly believe that the player base will appreciate this immense transformation and that it’s going to help with fully immersing everyone into the world of Engines of Fury.

What are your expectations from Engines Of Fury for 2022?

We expect EoF to come out guns blazing later in the year. Given the success the team had in the past, we have faith that they will deliver on all the promises. We expect a lot of players will kick things off in 2022, and it’s going to drive more interest for the game as the ecosystem matures and EoF heads closer to the launch of the open-world MMORPG in the future.

Which champion class will you choose?

We were always fascinated by the intricate potion making and the difference it made in the outcome of battles in games like Witcher 3, so we are most definitely starting with the Alchemist class. With it, we’ll pave the path to victory by casting long-range attacks and bridging science and magic!

About PathDAO

PathDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization with a mission to create value for players and investors alike in the growing blockchain metaverse. This community-first guild invests in play-and-earn games by providing the creators with capital, advice, as well as ecosystem integration support.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a first PVE/PVP arena battler #metaverse with staked fights in a jaw-dropping 3D world. Powered by $FURY

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