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Engines of Fury
3 min readAug 24, 2022


Champs, you know that we are all about big and sweet news! We have already gathered some of the most prominent partners, investors & advisors in the crypto world, but there’s always room for one more! Introducing: Shima Capital.

Shima Capital is the top blockchain VC company, helping early-stage projects to change the status quo and fuel the web3 revolution. Many nice things can be said about Shima Capital, but this time, we let the numbers speak: $100 billion. That’s the aggregate public market value of all the founders and companies that Shima Capital invested in throughout the years.

And we are here to multiply that number with the help of our newest partners: Shima Capital

Shima Capital is a leading early stage VC firm investing in disruptive blockchain companies. The fund is deeply focused on taking a hands-on approach and working closely with its portfolio companies to provide the most sweat equity per dollar invested. As teams in Web3 push the frontier of innovation, Shima helps hire talent, build community, amplify narratives, and foster the acceleration of technical research and development. Shima is composed of seasoned investors, accomplished operators, and former founders who align on a mission to support all-star teams with building and scaling generational companies. Shima is backed by Dragonfly Capital, Digital Currency Group, Tiger Global, Bill Ackman and other strategics (e.g. Huobi, ByBit, OKex, Animoca, Republic).

Why did you decide to partner up with EoF?

What caught our eye about EoF was, first and foremost, their seasoned team of gaming enthusiasts and developers who have also been crypto-native for years. Many teams are missing one or the other trait in order to be successful in this cutthroat industry — EoF has it all.

What is your take on GameFi and its power in bringing mass adoption to blockchain?

GameFi breaches a vast and untapped market that has existed in primitive forms for years but whose potential has yet to be truly unlocked. Blockchain tech within games is one of the key ways that will help us to bring composability, strong use cases for NFTs, and a real sense of ownership to players. Once it becomes the standard, then there’ll be a lot more on ramping to the blockchain.

What should crypto games have to stand out from today’s crowded market?

We believe crypto games and their teams need three key ingredients to succeed today: well-designed tokenomics, solid gameplay, and the ability to innovate. We believe that successful games will be built with the long-term in mind — therefore, having a solid foundation in place (tokenomics and gameplay) and the flexibility to make necessary changes when needed is paramount to creating superior games. And, most of all, crypto games must be fun!

What is your most anticipated feature in Engines Of Fury?

It’s exciting to play and earn and compete against other players.

What are your expectations from Engines Of Fury for 2023?

We think that they’ll be able to hold tournaments and competitions and engage the next generation of blockchain gamers.

Which champion class will you choose, and how will you name it?

It’s got to be Brawler, and we will name it Runs Through Walls!

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a duel arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes.

It has a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where $FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

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Engines of Fury

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