Investors Highlight: UniX Gaming

We’re proud to announce that one of the major forces in the Metaverse has decided to join hands with Engines of Fury.

The partner in question is UniX Gaming, the biggest Metaverse guild! Even if you’re only remotely familiar with crypto gaming, you can probably tell that this partnership is a big deal!

We did a quick chat with UniX Gaming to tell us what exactly made them partner with our team, as well as give us their opinion on the current state of crypto gaming.

Dig in!

For those uninitiated, give us a short description of your guild.

UniX Gaming is the most significant Metaverse guild in the world.

At this moment, we have over 192,000 members on Discord alone, a number that’s growing as we speak. Along with increasing this already strong following, we’re also working on actively building the Gaming Ecosystem. As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the goal of Unix Gaming is bridging the gap between play-to-earn games and the players — the most important part of the Metaverse.

Our token $UniX offers a wide range of utility for players. With UniX Gaming, you can access DAO Vaults which generate high yield returns, as well as gain access to the IGO Launchpad which onboards the latest play-to-earn titles.

Now on to the big question — what made you decide to partner up with EoF?

Well, we have a lot in common. For starters, we’re all gamers and we recognize how much NFT gaming can complement the traditional gaming experience and what it can do to ensure the success of GameFi.

Both EoF and UniX teams have the same vision on where we want NFT gaming to go. We want to create the best possible experience for gamers that are newcomers to crypto gaming, but we also want to create an ecosystem of high-quality games — the only thing that can strengthen and grow the community.

What are your thoughts on GameFi and its power in bringing mass adoption to blockchain?

We strongly believe that GameFi is a natural progression of the traditional gaming industry. It gives the players control of the in-game items that they worked so hard to earn. This sense of control, as well as ownership, is something not found in traditional games.

Even though we’re in the beginning stages of play-to-earn, the market is growing rapidly. It’s not a surprise, really, because the earning potential of crypto gaming is quite hard to ignore, especially for players in developing countries. The economic benefits will probably continue introducing new people to crypto, especially those who weren’t gamers in the first place.

We believe mass adoption will happen once traditional gamers realize that the assets they earn in the game belong to them and them alone.

What do crypto games need to offer to stand out from today’s crowded market?

Most games getting released right now are focused primarily on the generation of currency rather than the gameplay itself.

Even though profitability is an integral part of the crypto gaming experience, it shouldn’t be the sole focus of the whole game. For a game to succeed, it needs to build a devoted player base, so the main goal of the developers should be to create a game that can keep the community invested in the title for a long time.

The game needs to be polished and have enough depth in the gameplay department if it wants to spark and keep the interest of the player.

What is your most anticipated feature of Engines of Fury?

We are very intrigued with the Arena Master feature, but we are most hyped about the Tournament Mode. Who wouldn’t want to feel the adrenaline of beating other players and being the last player standing in a tournament?

This game mode could also work well in an eSports environment. We plan on including an Arena from EoF in our eSports circuit. We think doing this would make the players very happy and that the entire thing is something all players need to experience.

What do you expect of Engines of Fury in 2022?

A mobile release happening in 2022 would be great. This move would be something everyone in the community would appreciate, especially the players who don’t have access to a PC.

While it would be great to see a mobile incarnation of EoF next year, we are all aware that gaming development takes time. Delivering a polished, high-quality game should be a priority for the team, and we are certain they’re not going to disappoint.

Which champion class you will choose and how will you name it?

We’re going to try all three, but I think we’re gonna go for the Alchemist class. It sounds mysterious, intriguing, and we can’t wait to see how the Alchemist behaves in the game. It just sounds the most interesting from the gameplay perspective.

About the name — does Miss UniXverse sound fitting for an alchemist?

About UniX Gaming
UniX Gaming is a decentralized autonomous organization based in Switzerland, created to bridge the gap between Play-To-Earn games and the Players. They offer blockchain and entrepreneurial education and opportunities for people in developing countries, but are also putting together competitive play-to-earn eSports teams.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is an action-packed play-to-earn arena battler based on blockchain metaverse. The game allows players to engage in exciting PvP and PvE duels set in a gorgeous 3D rendered world where they can win tokens, forge NFTs, and earn profits.

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