Meme contest winner announcement

The moment is nigh to reveal the winners of the Engines of Fury Meme contest!

Not going to lie — we got A LOT of entries and it took a lot of time to sift through the whole bunch. You can safely assume that choosing the winner also took us a lot longer than expected because the entire team spent a lot of time laughing.

Your memes left us in stitches and it was totally worth it!

Because of the barrel of laughs we got, we’d like to thank everyone for participating or supporting the project, and for helping us grow the community. To every contestant who isn’t in the top 10, we wish you better luck next time — more contests are coming your way!

The next ten memes have won their creators $100, and a lot of clout (which is priceless) so we can only say — congratulations! Your memes are amazing and you deserve all the praise.

Now, cue Celebration by Kool & the Gang because these are the winners of our Meme Contest:

1st PLACE: @unometralica

TW @unometralica

2nd PLACE: @eralelagon

3rd PLACE: @DonceDov

4th PLACE: @10293847__56

5th PLACE: @reszoi

6th PLACE: @Abhinav45072284

7th PLACE: @Tasyaharley

8th PLACE: @Pattcharapa

9th PLACE: @traceyhayley15 — Dainoran

10th PLACE: @mrL58951743

That’s all folks, we hope you enjoy these memes as much as we have. Stay tuned to our social media pages as we’ve got a lot more content coming your way soon! Cheers!

About Engines of Fury
Engines of Fury is an action-packed play-to-earn arena battler based on blockchain metaverse. The game allows players to engage in exciting PvP and PvE duels set in a gorgeous 3D rendered world where they can win tokens, forge NFTs, and earn profits.

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