Myth-busting VOL 2: Crypto Games Are Boring

In part 1 of the series, we completely decimated the myth regarding NFTs, but this one might be a bit more challenging.

It’s the often repeated misconception that all blockchain games are snoozefests.

Spoiler alert: they aren’t.

The truth

The problem is in the statement that ‘’all’’ blockchain games are boring.

While we do agree that if you googled the top blockchain games, you’d run across 5 Heartstone knockoffs — but this wouldn’t give you the whole picture.

It’s similar to saying all music is bad because the top 5 artists aren’t good.

Because Blockchain and NFT games are growing in popularity, new developers are trying to cash in on the NFT trend. Yes, some are perfectly fine with building boring & mindless grinding games that are nothing more than vehicles to sell NFTs.

However, there are also many up-and-coming blockchain game devs creating fun games in the crypto ecosystem — and we’re proud to be one of them.


Engines of Fury is built from a gameplay-first perspective with a goal to keep the players playing for the gameplay and not only for the money.

The first step was smart gameplay loop creation & here we are working and playing around a continuous in-game excitement & reward system:

Train, fight, and upgrade to enter new levels of thrilling opponents and of course — growing rewards! Adding unique PvE & PvP gameplay modes allows players to really explore their champion potential and game dynamics.

Seamless Crypto Aspect

The second step was implementing crypto into the mix organically. Therefore we really paid attention to our in-game economy, token ($FURY) & NFT utilities. There are multiple ways to win & earn money, and none of those involve mindless grinding.

Players have a selection of NFT champions and items that have actual in-game functionalities and utilities.

Players can choose to fight in staked PvP arena duels to win an entire stake pool of $FURY or challenge powerful PvE bosses to get the Blueprints required to forge more powerful NFTs (armor, weapons, or gadgets).
In all cases, they will need to think & strategize with equipment selection in order to gain competitive leverage.

Because the NFTs vary in rarity, certain item combinations are more powerful so you’ll have to play and discover the winning strategy yourself. We believe this to be a great motivation to go back and defeat more bosses to gain access to new items that will synergize better with your champion’s skill set.

Before you know it, you’ll be entering battles left and right, trying to create that perfect build needed to reign supreme over your opponents.

In conclusion, just because some games are boring, doesn’t mean that we should discount the rest.

Finding a fun crypto game is very easy once you look beyond the top 5.

Verdict: since at the moment, boring games are at the front and center, and finding an engaging game takes a lot of effort — we’re calling this one plausible.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is the first PVE/PVP arena brawler #metaverse with staked fights in a jaw-dropping 3D world. Powered by $FURY

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