PRE-ALPHA SEASON: Welcome to Military Base

So you’ve had a taste of the Engines of Fury demo, but trust us, that was just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve been hard at work on the pre-alpha, and now it’s time for you to take the first sneak peek.

Engines of Fury
4 min readAug 9, 2023


The pre-alpha version takes the game to a whole new level — with enhanced game direction, mechanics, art, and animations. The demo was a test, and we passed it with flying colors. We took the best gameplay aspects & made them epic with additional enhancements like multiplayer mode, more & bigger locations, and loads of in-game content. All feedback & testing showed us that we were on the right track, now we want you to see where exactly we are going.

While pre-alpha is still a work in progress towards the launch version, it will give you a vision of the epic journey we’ve got planned for the players. So this season on Engines of Fury…

Multiple player game mode.

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We’re inviting players on an adrenaline-filled adventure with our unique top-down extraction shooter. Imagine the intense and strategic gameplay of ‘Diablo’ meeting the hardcore, survival-focused mechanics of ‘Escape from Tarkov,’ all set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Your journey begins in a hideout, and from there, you’ll invade different locations to raid bosses and other players for valuable loot. Survive the battles, bring back home the loot, & upgrade.

🏡 Home sweet hideout. Your base, your sanctuary. Here, your loot is safe. Upgrade and customize your home base to fit your playstyle, boosting your chances of survival in a ruthless world.

🔫 Raid & scavenge. Invade different maps with a mission to survive & scavenge as much loot as possible. Face off against fierce alien monsters & rival players. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game, and your skill is your greatest ally.

✨ Craft & Upgrade. Transform your loot into valuable assets and use them to upgrade your gear. The better your equipment, the better your chances of making it through the next raid.

First location revealed — abandoned military base.


Zoom in on the action with our polished character & enemy animations. Now we’re venturing out of the tunnels and into detailed above-ground maps. Our post-apocalyptic world is divided into various biomes, allowing you to explore different wastelands. Immerse yourself in the stark beauty of destruction while raiding diverse maps.

With adjustments to the camera angle, characters and locations feel even larger and more immersive. We’re beginning with an abandoned military base, but there’s much more to explore. Thanks to procedurally generated maps, each invasion offers a distinct setting. Dive into these detailed environments and scavenge for survival in the territories unknown.


Explore vast biomes through multiple game maps.
🗺 Introducing a variety of distinct biomes for players to explore , playable area extends to 70 times the size of the demo — plenty of space to explore, hide & combat.

👽 Prepare to combat more than 30 unique types of enemies each with their own unique skill sets and synergy.

Meet the mutant aliens.

🔫 🔫 To help you tackle these challenges, we’re giving you a vast selection of munitions to choose from. With over 1000+ items available, you can build a playstyle and strategy that’s all your own. Gear up with your choice of assault rifles, shotguns, miniguns, grenade launchers, rocket launchers & many more options.

More than 1000 mutinion to choose & shape your playstyle.

This is game time, buckle up & tune in. We’ll share updates & reveal all across our social media channels.


Engines of Fury is a free to play top-down extraction shooter set against the stark, chilling backdrop of a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Powered by 1-token deflationary in-game economy where $FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

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Engines of Fury

Delivering a free to play top-down extraction shooter set against the stark, chilling backdrop of a post-apocalyptic dystopia.