Q1 Wrap up: Huge Reveals, Solid Partnerships & the Best Community

It feels like we’ve just entered 2022, but Q1 is already over. It’s not an April Fool’s joke, champs. Gladly, we’ve kept our promises, grown faster than expected & set a solid foundation moving forward, so there’s nothing to sweat about when preparing a wrap-up.

Our main goals were to introduce everyone to dynamic game mechanics, stunning visuals, functional NFTs & diverse characters while strengthening our project’s name among top crypto investors, guilds, communities & players. We are certain we did just that, but let us know what you think:


We couldn’t have done anything without all of you, champs! Thank you for your continuous support and love. We’ve been active on 7 different channels & built a powerful community:

We never take any single one of you for granted, so we always have plenty of surprises, announcements, contests, and gifts. January has started as a community month, followed by a massive arena reveal, GIF & meme contests, and plenty of juicy giveaways.

However, nothing tops our ultimate community achievement: the launch of the FURY brand ambassador program. Our most loyal and active members of the community have an official status now & we couldn’t be happier to work and grow together with them.


Q1 was all about building those strong relations with other crypto projects, VCs, launchpads, and gaming guilds. We’ve made 25 new partnerships and cemented our project’s name and hype in the crypto world.

Of course, we’ve had plenty of wonderful events, including the Decubate crowdfunding event (complete sold out in under 60 seconds), tons of insightful AMAs, & our NFT collaboration with Polychain that gave birth to a legendary Engines of Fury Unitiger!


At the beginning of the year, people could only guess what EoF looks like. Today they almost know it all! Of course, we still have plenty of in-game secrets, and huge reveals left before launching the game, but we’ve definitely introduced our community to the main aspects of the game in Q1.

  • Champions: revealed all three classes & swag that they bring to the EoF universe.
  • Arena & game trailer: invited our community to the center of Stoneport, where all the fights take place.
    Watch it again 🎬
  • The Engine: uncovered the focal point of the game and all the power (melting and forging rare NFTs) that it has.
  • NFT items: introduced powerful NFT items from Alchemist’s, Gunslinger’s & Brawler’s collections that will boost your champion and increase your value in the game!


Last but not least, we have spent Q1 getting to know our community personally. With plenty of AMAs with our founders, tweets introducing our team, and in-depth articles, we have made ourselves visible. Engines of Fury is created by real gamers with a clear vision to reshape the crypto gaming space & make it attractive to audiences worldwide.

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is the first PVE/PVP arena brawler #metaverse with staked fights in a jaw-dropping 3D world. Powered by $FURY

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The 1st Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic 3D combat & exploration game 🪙 Powered by $FURY