Reasons to Remember $FURY VOL4: Utility, Utility, and Utility

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3 min readJun 21, 2022


We have already learned about the crypto gaming market, the $FURY supply & deflationary system, and the perks of using a single-token economy. This time, we’ll uncover the last puzzle piece that finishes the perfect picture of Engines of Fury tokenomics — $FURY utility.

The Importance of Token Utilization

Most successful crypto projects have one thing in common: clear token utility. In the crypto world, utility refers to various project-related rights & incentives that users receive when owning the token. It can be anything from voting power to APY to gaming perks.

Giving investors & users incentives to own the token also ensures a sustainable tokenomics ecosystem with the ever-growing demand. For example, Ethereum allows users to deploy smart contracts and build various projects on top of its blockchain. This functionality increases the demand for Ethereum organically as more projects join the network every day. And, of course, growing demand results in the long-term growth of value. These principles apply to the crypto gaming industry, as well.

Furthermore, the correct gaming token’s utilization allows seamless in-game crypto integration. Ideally, players want to earn crypto rewards without sacrificing their gaming experience. That’s why the token should be used to create a synergy between earning opportunities and the actual gameplay with all the mechanics within. Eventually, this synergy attracts traditional gamers and results in the gradual growth of the gaming token’s demand as the token becomes an integral part of the in-game ecosystem.

At Engines of Fury, we put our players first and focus on creating an engaging and visually mind-blowing game with a seamlessly integrated crypto aspect. Driven by a deflationary single-token ($FURY) model, every unique gameplay mode will be designed to bring maximum joy to our players while providing chances to use & earn $FURY. This way, we can expect a constant influx of new players who would use $FURY to sustain and expand the in-game economy.

$FURY In-Game Utilities

As we use a single-token model, $FURY becomes vital for everything EoF-related.

  • Purchasing champions. Every player will have to own $FURY to buy their first champion before they can start engaging in battles & experiencing all gameplay modes;
  • Purchasing/Selling/Trading NFTs. Players will be able to trade among themselves or list their NFTs in the official marketplace;
  • Staking duels & tournaments. Players will be able to use $FURY to enter staked PVP duels & tournaments. That creates extra e-sports thrills & seamlessly integrates $FURY into the game;
  • Entering PVE (AI) Boss Fights. Players will be able to prove their skills against AI & earn more rewards upon winning;
  • Forging/Melting NFTs. Forging and melting are unique gameplay mechanics that allow players to create new NFTs or destroy old NFTs for $FURY. These mechanics solidify $FURY’s in-game importance & give players more control over their assets;
  • Purchasing arenas. Players who want to earn extra rewards can purchase arenas & collect $FURY for every fight that happens in those arenas.

Staking Initiatives

$FURY won’t only be used as in-game “gold.” Outside of the game, investors will be able to stake it for APY, which incentivizes holding. Furthermore, $FURY holders will enjoy extra perks, such as whitelisting for IGO & rare NFT collections, early game accesses, and plenty of in-game perks, from lower fees to special add-ons.

To put everything that we’ve covered in all 4 articles in a nutshell:

Engines of Fury has joined the crypto gaming market right on time before the mass adoption. Its robust single-token model, limited supply, and deflationary system set up a solid foundation, while $FURY utilization and sustainable revenue streams allow further expansion and long-term growth.

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