Revamp update #3: More enemies

Engines of Fury
2 min readNov 30, 2022


Deepening the gameplay loop with more battle space & freedom of movement meant we had to up the ante and create the game more challenging.

Previous Revamp update parts:
#1 Mobility | #2 Expanded network of dungeons

In an effort to accomplish that goal, this time we’ll talk about the introduction of more enemies.

The post-apocalyptic world of Engines of Fury is harsh and unforgiving, and that’s exactly how you can expect the enemies to be — especially bosses. They are alien-born, mysterious, unpredictable, and punishing.

📖 You can learn more about the game’s lore in our revised whitepaper.

We wanted to give players deeper and more meaningful gameplay, so we introduced a multiple-enemy system throughout all levels. Fighting the same enemy often gets repetitive, but having to fight multiple enemies at once will keep the players constantly on their toes.

Defeat monstrous & alien bosses in PvE

To explore Stoneport remnants & collect your loot might be a little tricky because mysterious creatures lurk in the dark of PvE dungeons.

Engines of Fury players face enemy threats from:

  • More Bosses, the alien invaders. Kill the boss to collect your XP & rewards, or enter another level.
  • Their minions, following and protecting the creator and causing a whole lot of trouble for the Stoneport champions.

While progressing through game levels, players will meet bosses of varying difficulty & their minions. Those that manage to defeat them will be awarded experience and equipment, and will even have a chance of getting a $FURY token or a valuable equipment item.

We’ve come to the end of this update but worry not, we have more news in store so keep an eye out!

Revamp update #4: Introducing environmental hazards

Deep & well-balanced gameplay is our prime goal. Following the introduction of full champion mobility & control, which was a huge step up for the game concept, we had to make the battling environment more dynamic and challenging.

Hence the increased number of enemies (bosses & minions) was accompanied by introduction of environmental hazards. These will be various objects within the combat environment with ability to:

  • harm or debuff champions;
  • buff the opponent.

In order to avoid danger these objects have to be destroyed or avoided.

Want to know more about enemies & environmental hazards?
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