EoF Summer Highlights: In-Game Releases, Game Development Progress & Growing Community Hype

What a summer it has been at the Engines of Fury! 🚀
Champs, we are definitely building the best game and community in the world, and we have facts to support that claim. So, before we head to the most exciting part of the year, let’s celebrate our community, victories, exclusive releases, and viral videos over the summer!


5 000 000+ views on our viral Tik Tok video is not a fluke but a sign of hard work and trust from the community. We have grown our TikTok from 0 to 14.2k+ followers & 357k+ likes in a very short time during the bear market. And our numbers keep growing!

116 600 messages in the official Engines of Fury Discord channel. That’s roughly 1300 messages per day or 1 message per minute. Yup, our Discord never sleeps & special thanks go to our top 3 most active members:

1. @Manspirit | Engines of Fury 🎮 • 12526 messages sent

2. @Tanguy aka Tonghee • 11363 messages sent

3. @Alldreamscometrue • 11101 messages sent

With 4303 new Discord community members and 20 new ambassadors, we just keep expanding. Disclaimer: once you join the EoF community, it’s practically impossible to leave! If you still wish to proceed, we are looking for new ambassadors!

We’ve also recorded 458 minutes of streaming on our brand new Twitch channel & gifted over 9000 USDT in 70+ community events. Being a part of the Engines of Fury family is literally worth it! Some events were grandiose, including grand Summer Fest (20 000 entries & 6000 $FURY Whitelist prize), NFT Blitz Quiz (there is still time left to participate), and weekly Discord giveaways!

With a growing community, we have also expanded our partners’ circle. Our latest addition Shima Capital is a top VC company that helps early-stage projects to change the status quo and fuel the web3 revolution. Shima has already invested in companies and founders whose aggregate public market value is over $100 billion!

With so much growth happening, we have also launched our newsletter to keep everyone updated. There’ll also be surprises and early releases coming for our newsletter subscribers, so subscribe now!


The PvE game launch in Q4 is right around the corner, so we are sharing a lot of game development updates. The summer was extremely busy for our development team as we have uplifted our game concept substantially while strictly following the schedule.

Some of our biggest achievements during the summer include:

  • Anti-cheat strategy. We have developed a complex anti-cheat strategy that will prevent users from cheating in-game or abusing the robust 1-token deflationary $FURY system. This will protect players’ in-game assets and crypto rewards;
  • Finished prototype phase. We have finalized this phase heading into the summer, setting a solid foundation for further development. PvE mechanics, level-up system, camera positioning, and champion customization tool are all working smoothly;
  • Created & approved main in-game assets & champion apparel items;
  • Finished the player authentication system. New users’ onboarding is going to be smooth, quick & secure.
  • The talent system is in a final review. Every class is designed to bring players’ unique experiences & let them choose their playstyle. Engines of Fury will allow that while keeping the game balanced and fair for everyone.
  • VFX & animations. As gamers themselves, our developers are creating a visually stunning environment, enhanced by vivid & thrilling animations. We are bringing the standards of traditional gaming to the crypto gaming scene, and out-of-this-world visuals are part of the package!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as the team is getting ready for the PvE game launch in Q4. To achieve all our goals and deliver the top-quality game that our community expects, we are always hiring top professionals to improve our already well-established team!

Next stop: game launch!


This summer had many massive reveals, starting from uplifted champions to in-game assets to lore. Our players can now have a better idea on how the first-ever action arena brawler in crypto space will look like, and it’s going to be epic! Some of the biggest in-game reveals include:

  • Uplifted champion video! We have promised to over-deliver, and we are doing that daily. New champions are not only visually enhanced but they are also balanced in-game to bring players thrills & crypto rewards.
  • Champions’ clothing & hairstyles! Every single champion will be customizable, starting from their gender to attributes to looks. It’s a feature yet unseen in crypto gaming as we continue bridging the gap between traditional to web3 gaming worlds.
  • Game concept. Having an established and polished game concept allows us to maintain our direction & develop every aspect of the game based on a bigger idea! From a post-apocalyptic haircut to an NFT gun, every single detail fits the narrative of the game.
  • Lore. What is the Engines of Fury metaverse? Where did all the aliens come from? How did Stoneport look before the apocalypse? We have deep and expressive lore to answer all questions, and we started sharing it with our community. Missed the first part? Read it here!

What does the future hold? Well, let us tell you that there is so much more happening behind the scenes as EoF IDO, IGO, and game launch dates are coming! We also have some big news about the game trailer & plenty of in-game content to share with you. Add profound partners that we are yet to announce to the equation, and you get the most exciting second half of the year. Want to hear more about our future plans?

Watch our summer recap stream with our c-levels in which Saulius, the CEO of Engines of Fury, talks about the bright future ahead!

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a duel arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes.

It has a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where $FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

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