The Many Problems of Crypto Games

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5 min readDec 22, 2021

In a perfect world, the play-to-earn model would be an incredible way to merge two different worlds — video games and blockchain. However, this scenario is fiction, for the most part.

Even though we are witnessing a tipping point in the adoption of this new gaming model, crypto gaming might never get over the proverbial hurdle if crypto games keep their status quo.

We at Engines of Fury are major proponents of blockchain and everything crypto. We are also hardcore gamers, and there is no way to ignore the fact that crypto games just aren’t that good.

Mainstream acceptance of play-to-earn is feasible if approached differently. Here are the biggest problems in crypto games right now and how we plan on tackling these issues.

The backward game design philosophy

Consider this particular problem the main reason behind all of the other misgivings we recognized. The biggest problem is the fact that the games are designed around the Game’s tokens & NFTs.

We all know how much hate the traditional game developers usually get for cramming microtransactions and loot boxes into their games. However, crypto game developers have managed to make this problem even worse.

Does anyone remember the Battlefront 2 controversy of 2017? This was an actual AAA title with microtransactions tacked on, while your average play-to-earn game seems like an NFT marketplace with a game tacked on.

We understand that crypto is the main reason why people are even playing these games (it’s not gameplay for sure) but this kind of design philosophy leads to corners being cut in other areas of the game — areas that could attract more casual gamers who are new to blockchain.

This is why we decided to design Engines of Fury (EoF) as an actual game first. This slightly more traditional design path will lead to a better game — a game that would be playable even if the NFTs and other crypto aspects weren’t there.

Failure to launch

The market for play-to-earn is booming, and all kinds of developers are trying to join the trend while it’s still in its infancy. While we are glad to see new developers jumping on board, there is another issue we discovered. Quite a few crypto games usually fall into two camps:

  1. Low-quality games that are released as quickly as possible.
  2. Overhyped AAA-type experiences that never get released or their releases are pushed back far into the future.

It’s awesome that there are developers that recognize the value of creating a crypto game that seems to have mainstream appeal. However, overpromising and keeping fans waiting for too long with only a teaser trailer can harm crypto gaming in the long run.

Game development is a tricky business and while it’s useful to have a vision and grand scope for a project, it’s also important to be aware of your limitations.

For example, we envisioned EoF as an open-world MMORPG. But realistically, a game of such scope would require around 3–5 years of dedicated hard work if it was to be any good. At the same time, our main priority is building a dedicated community of players that care for the project and are fully invested in the game world we created.

That’s why we decided to create an auto battler with an addictive gameplay loop first, and flesh it out into an MMORPG in the future.

It’s going to help us with our community-building efforts, all of you will get an actual game you can play, and also help us to transform the game into an MMORPG.

Their gameplay kinda sucks

Even though people get into crypto gaming for money, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

The games coming out right now seem like a chore to play as they rely on repetitive gameplay and grinding mechanics. None of these games could stand on their own. We cringe every time there is a crypto game announced that’s just another low-grade copy of Hearthstone.

On the other hand, EoF is built around gameplay. The auto battler lends itself well to introducing the crypto aspect into the game organically, and the gameplay loop we have created is inspired by some of the most iconic games of the decade which proved to be super addictive and fun.

You choose a champion, go through PvE training, complete quests, and fight bosses to upgrade your character and gain access to better items and skills.

Once you are ready to try your luck against real opponents, you need to put together a build and stake tokens. This high-risk, high-reward gameplay loop guarantees fun while you experiment with different builds and strategies.

Ultimately, your success is directly related to the XP of your character and the item/skill combos you put together. Knowing your success is built on skill and strategy will make you return to the game again and again.

They look cheap

Graphics aren’t everything and a 2D game can look amazing if paired with a great art style. However, crypto games look very cheap, to put it lightly.

They are usually built using subpar 2D textures or low-quality 3D assets. What’s even worse is that it’s obvious that the simplistic graphics didn’t come about by choice. Rather, they are lame because a short development cycle doesn’t allow for any work on the visuals.

Quite simply, seeing a screenshot will put you off from playing the game.

Since looking the part is important if a game is to attract a wider fanbase, we decided to put extra care into designing a good-looking game with gorgeous 3D visuals, stunning art style, lifelike animations, and an intuitive and clear UI/UX design.

Quality over quantity

Don’t get us wrong — we are happy that new games are getting released and the market is growing exponentially. But it doesn’t mean that we should settle for less than we deserve.

Most crypto gamers probably don’t even expect more from the games because they are conditioned to expect a below-average gaming experience. But other gamers, ones who are strangers to the wonderful world of NFTs, are less likely to join in on the action if the games aren’t fun.

The market will only grow more once developers decide to make quality gaming experiences, and once the AAA developers recognize the potential of the play-to-earn model. It’s all up to the developers and the games they deliver.

We’re proud to say that we’re doing our part in making this happen!

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