EoF concept image: Stoneport’s cemetery of the biotech waste

Understanding Engines of Fury Game Concept: Visual Ideas & Inspiration

Every successful game must have a precise game concept. It is usually based on a broader set of ideas that highlight game visuals, lore & the overall style.

Once the game concept is clear, it becomes easier to set the right mood, provide detailed reasoning behind every decision, and take players on a journey full of unique experiences and thrills.

At the Engines of Fury, we understand that our players have high standards and pay attention to every detail. To meet their expectations, we have a crystal clear setup and concept of the game, which revolves around post-apocalyptic themes, advanced visuals, survival mood, and immersive storytelling.

Post-Apocalyptic World of Engines of Fury

If you have probably seen many of our item concepts, NFTs, bosses, champions, and other assets, so you are already aware of the multitude of details that goes into creating each visual piece. You can also probably see that all the assets have the same post-apocalyptic feel about them. Where does this concept come from?

EoF concept image: work in progress champion clothing

Engines of Fury takes place in a post-apocalyptic city of Stoneport that was almost destroyed by the alien asteroid and invaded by vicious aliens who killed the majority of humans and spread a dangerous virus. Such an environment in Stoneport created chaos, and many survivors turned to their basic instincts. They collected all the metal scraps, pieces, wastes, and whatever else they could find to create weaponry and defend against extraterrestrial life. Of course, with the help of the Engine, powerful alien biotechnology that humans conquered in a fight, survivors managed to forge different pieces and enhance their items.

EoF concept image: NFT champion equipment

The visual design is not only stunning, but it also tells the Engines of Fury story and takes players to Stoneport, where surviving is the top priority, and biotech items become the only option to defend against mutants & aliens. Every visual piece is there to set the atmosphere for arena battles and let players feel the real stakes that champions are fighting for.

EoF concept image: NFT champion haircuts

Engines of Fury’s visual concept is inspired by post-apocalyptic themes, champions’ urge to survive, alien biotechnology, and a pseudo-futuristic timeline. Each detail is a part of a bigger metaverse of Engines of Fury, a place that you will definitely want to explore.

While you wait for the official game launch, our team has some content suggestions that will give you a glimpse of EoF vibe:

🎮 GAMES: Fallout, Left 4 dead, Metro 2033
🎬 FILMS: MadMax, 28 Days Later, The Road, Love and Monsters
📺 TV SHOWS: The 100, Dark
💿 MUSIC: Doom, Metro 2033, Quake 2 soundtracks, Assalam
📚 BOOKS: Children of Men, Dune

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a duel arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes.

It has a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where $FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

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