Weekly Recap: Alchemist’s Crafts & Contests x WK14

Yet another week of big announcements, contests, potions & explosions. Oh yes, Alchemist has stolen this week & deservedly became the most popular champion. At least for now. This week had it all, from Alchemist art contests to NFT reveals. As always, if you’ve missed it, here comes TL;DR:

1. Alchemist Week

To fully understand Alchemist and his champion way, it will take a bit more than a week. However, you got a chance to see the real side of Alchemist together with his strategies & powerful NFT gear. There are many more details waiting for you in the future, but for now, you can start studying alchemy & preparing for arena battles!

2. Potion Belt NFT Reveal

After showing you all the tools & gadgets that Alchemist possesses, we had to answer the main question — how in the world does he have enough space to carry them all? It’s very simple — Alchemist has a Potion Belt, one of the most useful and functional NFT, coming straight from the rare collection.

3. Reaper’s Mask Filter on IG + Contest

Once you get to know Alchemist a little better, we decided to give you a chance to try on some of his equipment. Oh yes, if you have not done it yet, you must visit our IG, try Reaper’s Mask filter & get a chance to win some USDT. Only one day left to enter, so hurry up!

4. Alchemist Art Giveaway

We have always been huge fans of fan fiction & after a week spent with Alchemist, we wanted to see how you guys interpreted our most strategic champion. Needless to say, we were IMPRESSED! At this rate, our game art team might have some serious competition. Check all the entries here!

5. AMA with AnhReview Capital

We had a great time this week visiting the AnhReview Capital community & answering their questions about Engines of Fury and why it's thought to be the next best #NFTgame.
Catch up on the TOP Q&As here.

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