Weekly Recap: Anti-Cheat Strategy & Quiz Winners x WK24

One more productive week in the Engines of Fury metaverse! We continue building our community & implementing advanced in-game tools and mechanics to make your gaming experience exquisite! This week’s achievements:

Our community has been asking how we will deal with in-game cheaters to ensure a fair experience for everyone. We have answers! First of all, we will use advanced anti-cheat engines that will detect and block any game code manipulations and prevent them from happening. Furthermore, in case some players will try to gain an unfair advantage by modifying the game on their side, our dedicated in-game server will catch those unauthorized actions and revert them back to normal.

If you have missed our IDO update, all the details are here!

TL;DR: We are right on track with the game development & our IDO strategy remains the same as communicated before: we will either launch as soon as the market shows strong signs of recovery or at least a few weeks before the game launch in Q4.

Last week we asked if you knew everything about EoF? This week we can proudly state that you do! Champs, we have the best community that notices each and every detail that we share about our project. It makes us proud… and it makes you richer. Here are the winners of our Ultimate EoF Quiz! They will share a 500 USDT prize pool!

What’s next? Let’s just say that summer without festivals is not really summer, right? Stay tuned for updates!

Engines of Fury is a duel arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes.

It has a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where $FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

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The 1st Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic 3D combat & exploration game 🪙 Powered by $FURY

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Engines of Fury

The 1st Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic 3D combat & exploration game 🪙 Powered by $FURY