Weekly Recap: Gunslinger, Partners, and NFTs x WK12

Hello, champions! There are only three certain things in life: death, taxes & EoF’s weekly recap. This week was all about Gunslinger, new partners, NFTs & communities. We understand that you might have missed some news, so to save your time — here is everything in one place:

1. Partnership with Assembly Partners

Assembly Partners gets deeply involved in Web3.0 infrastructure and innovations by investing in gem projects with great potential. What can we say? Well, we are extremely happy & proud to be recognized as one of the gems on the blockchain. If you want to read more about our long-term partnership, do It here.

2. Gunslinger at the spotlight

This week we had a chance to deepen our relationship with Gunslinger — we held a spontaneous meme contest, watched our TG community take him places. Also revealed one of his must-have NFT items.
Visit Engines of Fury TG to recap on the meme action, we don’t want you to get behind.

3. Voltaic Shotgun NFT

Our collection of NFTs is continuously growing & this week was dedicated to long-range attacks. If you had any doubts about choosing Gunslinger, we’re sure that all those doubts will evaporate after seeing Voltaic Shotgun. With IGO on the horizon, have you already picked your favorite NFTs?

4. Deep Dive into Creating Arenas

When, why, how, and what are arenas? Simply speaking, arenas are the focal point of the EoF universe and the place where all the magic happens. We’ve decided to share some insights into how our game designers created such a unique piece of art!

5. AMA Sessions

A strong and engaging community is our biggest value, goal & measure of success. That’s why we’ve joined a couple of AMAs this week & shared our vision with people from all over the world. Big shout out to our friends Monte Kripto Kontu and Ternary DAO, who welcomed us with open arms!

6. EoF in-game NFT concept video

We are proud to deliver a visually stunning & in-game functional NFT concept, that includes upgradable and customizable champions as well as a range of different tier equipment that boosts fighter's performance in the arena duels.
Recap on our released video for a better understanding.

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