Weekly Recap: Showing Love to Our Community x WK8

Do you know what happens on Sunday? You are right — we recap our week!

As we are heading into the new week & spring we are in a mood to deliver! The crypto gaming industry deserves a kick-ass game & we are sure that Engines of Fury can deliver. If you have any doubts, here are a few of this week’s reminders:

1. FURIES Ambassador Program

This week was huge for our most loyal members of the community — we have launched our brand new ambassador program. We believe that Engines of Fury deserves furious champions who are not afraid to take on many upcoming challenges & collect precious rewards. As you already know, you can become one of the FURIES and enjoy early updates, engagement rewards & other worthy perks.
📝 All you need to do is show some love for EoF and apply here. Or you can read the full article about our ambassador program first & still apply here!

2. New NFT presented: Grim Reaper’s Mask

New NFTs are flooding the EoF universe — this time, we have revealed Grim Reaper’s NFT mask. Not only is it a visual miracle, but also an extremely handy item from the Alchemist’s NFT collection. We’ve always known that spring is the best time to show off your style & what better way to do that than getting powerful & sexy NFTs?
👀 Have a look!

3. Getting Personal with Our Core Team

This week was all about connecting to our community! Even though you have already met our brilliant founders and executives, we’ve wanted to invite you on a second date. This time, we have revealed some more information and showed that dreams, hard work & fun go hand in hand. As we are building the next best game on the blockchain, we are also building lifelong connections with our community.
🤓Read more about our team here!

4. 2000 USDT Giveaway Winners

If our inspiring words & big reveals don’t impress you enough, well, what about some USDT? This week, we have asked you what makes EoF special & you’ve surprised us with brilliant answers! Of course, such answers deserve to be awarded, so congratulations to our 2000 USDT giveaway winners!

About Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is a play-to-earn wager-based PVE/PVP arena battler set in a stunning 3D retro-futuristic world built on the blockchain Metaverse & powered by $FURY. The game allows players to engage in action-packed duels & tournaments where they can win $FURY, forge NFTs, and earn profits.

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The 1st Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic 3D combat & exploration game 🪙 Powered by $FURY