Wrapping up Engines of Fury achievements & results with C-levels

Engines of Fury
3 min readDec 28, 2022

Let’s begin with you guys — our beloved community & early supporters.
A word from CMO Laura.

Hi guys.

We had a good year & I want to wrap it up with the most exciting highlights before rolling into the new to work & build even harder.

This was a very special year for us, because despite the tough market conditions, we kept on building & growing an active and engaging community of 150 thousand members across 8 active channels, creating diverse value & content in each of the platforms.

Introduced Engines of Fury on Tiktok & went viral 🌪️. Counting 17 MILLION views + more than 27 THOUSAND people following the team & our journey in building the best game web3 has seen.
These results have put us at the top row of crypto brands presented on this leading social media platform.
Check out most watched videos.

Started a live stream series on Twitch & now have already streamed for more than 34 hours 🎬. Our goal is to stay transparent & engage with you guys on a regular basis. Therefore we have included these live streams to give you thorough development updates with CTO Edvinas & deep dives explaining the game in detail.

We feel deep gratitude to our community & strive to show that by hosting special events & exclusive releases like:

Viral $FURY Whitelist Treasure Hunt.
That received more than 50 000 entries, 4.5 thousand participants & gave birth to the first 30 $FURY holders who shared 5 000 $FURY allocation.
Awaited Teaser trailer release.
While the game is in production, we still wanted you to feel the vibe of the fights brewing & shared a glimpes of our initial vision, which has caught the eye of more than 13 thousand viewers.
Let’s not forget the fun ride we have during our Community Summer Fest & Spooky Halloween gathering more than 4 thousand participants & loyal project fans.
Add to the list Christmas Mysteries Gleam, which you can still enter & even get extra points by using special codes from the stories:

More than 100 events were held across all of our platforms, it’s safe to say Engines of Fury never sleeps & ishere for keeps.
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Daily news & most important updates are always kept fresh on our Twitter, so make sure to have your notifications on. Getting closer to the pillar project events like private the BETA testing phase & first in-game releases, you guys want to stay in the front of the row, where the biggest benefits are 🔥.

As everyone on the crypto market we have faced challenges along the way, brough by the bear market, but what separates us from the most projects is that we are building a relevant & quality gaming product.
Though market conditions do not change our course of action, we keep building & over delivering, therefore stay tuned for more development & investor updates that are coming next year.

Thanks for being with us, your support means the world.
We have even bigger ambitions & goals for 2023, so stay tuned.

Engines of Fury CMO Laura Alekse.



Engines of Fury

Delivering a free to play top-down extraction shooter set against the stark, chilling backdrop of a post-apocalyptic dystopia.