Hype Continues: Summer Fest and Viral 6000 $FURY Whitelist Campaign + Winners

More than 20 000 entries & 1 500 participants.

Even in tough market conditions, Engines of Fury remains among the most anticipated crypto projects with ever-growing engagement. And there’s a good reason for that. EoF will be a battle arena game built on Unity with rich 3D visuals and numerous addictive single & multiplayer gameplay modes. It will also have a 1-token deflationary in-game economy where FURY is at the center of the game with lots of utility & ever-increasing demand.

Naturally, our massive community wants to have a shot at owning $FURY tokens asap. And we provided that exclusive chance over the last 3 weeks.

Engines of Fury Summer Fest

Engines of Fury Summer Fest took thousands of people back to their childhood and provided three weeks of funfair games, activities & bonding experiences. The whole metaverse became a huge carnival, so people could pick their favorite attraction, play & win prizes. We had people entering our custom DC scary room, spinning the wheel of fortune, unscrambling balloon puzzles, joking around in the mirror room, and much more. To set the mood, we have given away 15 sets of limited-edition summer merch to 15 lucky participants.

Of course, the focal point of the Summer Fest was the MEGA Gleam for $6000 $FURY whitelist allocation tickets. Throughout the period of three weeks, everyone had a chance to collect funfair passcodes and join the lottery to win $FURY allocation tickets. Willy Wonka would be proud to see the hype around those silver & golden tickets as we gathered more than 1500 participants, who accumulated over 20 000 entries on Gleam. However, there could only be 30 winners. Who are they?

Summer Fest Winners

Everyone who is a part of the Engines of Fury community is a lucky winner, as it’s proving to be the strongest and most consistent community on the blockchain. Of course, quite a few Summer Fest participants got extremely lucky in the last couple of weeks.

15 people won exclusive summer merch to show off during this holiday season, 5 people shared 200 USDT, and 30 winners split 6000 $FURY allocation tickets (10 golden and 20 silver). We have already contacted the lucky ones as they’ve joined the exclusive club of $FURY owners. Here they are:


$FURY Whitelist Mega Gleam winners:

300 $FURY allocation Golden Tickets: @LeonelCryptus, @artjom08271484, Pelenger#2926 (on DC), @lazybones137, @LateefRilwanAk1, @manuela05268416, @OFWAGS15, @maiquiazon191, @moatazs60775103, @thangav31023699

150 $FURY allocation Silver Tickets: @kadir_19800, @whycapelas, @IonBatir, @tolga8855, @BRANLESS2, @di4ciprian, @Chameera_jay, @Abhinav45072284, @MrTanguy_, @CryptoGeeek_, @kuznecik2017, @Hankai148, @EC13158236, @Berfo92482110, InvaBoom#0619 (on DC), @TekilBilge, @vikky7007, @Kript0Dayim, @BioTech55, and @despirit1

DC Scary Room winners:

150 $FURY allocation Silver Ticket: @ashleyorevillo
Summer Merch Sets: @InvaBoom, @Manspirit, @sHaaM, @Emochixx, @Jaylor75
25 USDT: @nahizelav, @Goga, @U2Y™, @Alldreamscometrue

IG Spin the Wheel winners:

150 $FURY allocation Silver Ticket: @murat.tufekcioglu1
Summer Merch Sets: @sanelok
100 USDT: @max_lenchenko

TG Masquerade winners:

150 $FURY allocation Silver Ticket: @Yur2203
Summer Merch Sets: @CryptHuncho, @vikkycoolwap, @LilVane, @Araque13

TW Mirror Room winners:

Summer Merch Sets: @CryptoIlbh, @Berfo92482110, @john39597459, @nahizelav, @JaymilleTv

Everyone else will have to act quickly when the IDO day comes because it’s evident that the buzz around Engines of Fury is real.

Meanwhile, prepare for even more attractions soon & read the Engines of Fury project research paper published on DAO Maker to see what all the hype is about!

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